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So did everyone magically fix their lives as a result of making their New Year’s resolutions? Probably not. I bet you’ve broken your New Year’s resolution already.

That’s pessimistic, I know. But the traditionally idealistic goals for the New Year can be tricky to pursue, and people tend to bear that in mind. Even as they resolve to reach these goals, many people hear the little voice in their head whispering "you can’t actually do this, why bother?" Thus, they set themselves up for failure as soon as they begin.

Accordingly, I feel my assumption that you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolution is fairly realistic. I didn’t make any resolutions, so I don’t have to worry about that guilt.

But hey, it’s O.K. Just because you binged on a plate of brownies and messed up your diet one day does not mean you blew it for the year and might as well glue yourself to a couch with a lifetime supply of Twinkies and Bon-Bons for the next 11 months and 21 days. If yesterday wasn’t a good day, you can still have a good day today.

I heard a clever saying, recently, that went something like this: Don’t just have a great day; make a great day. We are each in control of our own choices and our own outlooks throughout our lives. Instead of hoping for a good day, or hoping that we might happen to be able to uphold our goals, we can choose to make good days and to have strong willpower to fulfill our aspirations.

The key to any goal is to think positively. Whatever you resolve, it is something you want to accomplish, and wanting something is usually a step in the right direction toward obtaining that something. You’re already part of the way there. Whether it’s getting better grades, losing weight, volunteering, paying off debt, spending more time with family, organizing your life, earning a promotion, starting your own business, quitting smoking, learning something new, or enjoying life more it’s something you can do.

Furthermore, it is something that you will do, and you will do it for yourself because you deserve it. You know it!

New Year’s is just a handy reminder of new beginnings, but it’s not the only time we can choose to change or improve anything. We can all strive to make and maintain positive changes any and every day of the year.

Changes don’t have to be huge and abrupt. Little things add up. Over time you can see how your small steps can create a change or an improvement that you are truly proud of.

One mistake does not make your aspiration hopeless. There is absolutely no reason why the only time we can start over is on January 1st.

Go ahead, start right now. Dismiss excuses, past failures, doubts, and uneasiness. Make a better life. Or just start off making one good day at a time.

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