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19 Sports offers year-round training

One of Park City’s only year-round bike shops, 19 Sports located at Canyons offers bike rentals and tune-ups, merchandise and training classes in its performance center.

Owner Rod Riley said, "you can buy it, rent it, ride it and service it," all from inside the shop.

19 Sports offers high-end road and mountain bikes, including Bicycle Manufacturing Company bikes. "Retail sales of products like BMC bikes are a natural offshoot of the rentals. We have people ride these bikes and they sell themselves," Riley said.

Riley explained that from a local’s perspective the store is in an advantageous location, "we saw the opportunity to open the shop and connect with people at Canyons," he said.

Riley remembers watching cycling competitions growing up, but didn’t pick up the sport until after his good friend died of brain cancer in 2004.

That same year, the Riley family raised money for the Lance Armstrong Association and Riley raced in his first 100-mile competition.

Despite the suffering of getting on the bike and riding competitively, Riley quickly became an avid cyclist and moved to Park City three years ago.

One of the ways Riley stays in riding shape during the winter is by using the 19 Sports Computrainer.

"The Computrainer tracks the intensity of a workout by constantly measuring the energy output of each individual rider. Based on workouts that we have created, the computer applies the appropriate pressure to the rear tire so that each individual is getting the prescribed workout in precise doses based on their individual abilities," Riley said.

When he first started cycling, the Computrainer got Riley into shape, "I got to an amateur level in a quick amount of time," he said.

Located in the performance center, the Computrainer can accommodate biking groups or individuals who want to train year round, "there’s no letup or coasting, where if you were outside here, you spend time not peddling," Riley explained.

Eight people can ride the multi-rider system at one time. An eight-week session costs $150 with classes offered on a weekly basis.

Attending a 70-minute Computrainer class is different than going to a spinning class, Riley explained. "During a spinning class, the instructor may tell you to turn your resistance level two turns and you maybe turn it a half," he said. But with the Computrainer, there’s no break in intensity.

As a part of his coaching program, Riley offers performance testing, advice on pacing, nutrition and training to lead cyclists in the right direction.

"The Computrainer controls the level of workout and, without question, makes people better cyclists," he said.

Being in an area where people want to be, Riley explained that Park City provides opportunities in all sports, "snow, dirt, road, ice pick a surface and you have a sport for it. We see an opportunity to share our vision of customer service, training and performance associated with the bike," he said.

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