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2008 a down year


The Park City Chamber/Bureau presented its annual report to members last Thursday at its conference at Newpark Hotel. The meeting was full of laughs, smiles and optimism, but the report is full of numbers showing just what kind of year 2008 was.

"This past year is one that we will not soon forget. We and our members have been challenged by financial difficulties that many of us have not experienced before in our business," read the letter from the board of directors chair, Jenni Smith, and Chamber/Bureau president and CEO Bill Malone.

The numbers:

Meetings and Convention total booked room nights:

2006 17,175

2007 17,940

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2008 13,569

Visitor Center numbers:

Kimball Junction

2006 44,687

2007 41,241

2008 34,570

Main Street

2006 75,281

2007 62,374

2008 19,898

Visitor nights:

2006 3,357,614

2007 3,310,976

2008 3,194,339

Total nights in first quarter:

2008 1,244,459

2009 1,038,752

Down 17 percent

Skier days

2006 1,746,333

2007 1,871,540

2008 1,645,233

Quick Start redemptions:

2006 17,772

2007 19,758

2008 16,541

Cathy Miller, director of marketing for the Chamber/Bureau, said she’s still optimistic for the 2009-2010 season because people are continuing to vacation, they are returning to places they already know, and the number of international visitors continues to rise.

"We still have a very healthy budget for marketing," she said.