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A couple hundred fish found dead in Deer Valley ponds

A couple hundred fish have died in the ponds in lower Deer Valley since last week, Deer Valley Resort acknowledged on Wednesday, prompting an investigation into the cause of the deaths.

Emily Summers, a spokesperson for the resort, said the fish were of an invasive species. She was not sure what species they were, though. She said all of the dead fish were less than four inches long.

The ponds are located outside the building that houses the Deer Valley Grocery ~ Café. The ponds are reservoirs that hold water for Deer Valley’s snowmaking system.

Summers said it appears a lack of oxygen in the water caused the deaths, explaining that the hot weather and low water levels were likely factors.

She said Deer Valley turned on a pump to create a flow of water from the lower pond to the upper pond in response to the deaths. The majority of the dead fish were found in the upper pond, she said.

Deer Valley also turned on an aerating system that puts oxygen into the water, Summers said.

The pump and aerating system are both part of the resort’s snowmaking apparatus.

City Hall’s environmental regulator, the Summit County Health Department and state health officials are investigating, Summers said.

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