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A luxury lounge for locals


The Crown Group, a Park City-based events planning company, believe it’s time for locals to take back Sundance.

For too long, locals themselves included have been left out of the party they’re hosting so Crown Group’s Brooke Jackson, Nick Polychronis and Gregory Haack decided to open up their own luxury lounge.

For the same price most exclusive events charge to get in, locals can purchase tickets that guarantee them a spot on Crown on Main Luxury Lounge’s "A-List."

With plenty of food and spirits, the company is using its skills to create the exact same experience enjoyed by celebrities on Main Street and Jackson wouldn’t rule out the possibility of celebrities stopping by. But the idea is for Parkites to be the celebrities this year.

"Where do we all get to go during Sundance?" Jackson asked in a Friday interview. "I think this might be the first time this has been done, at least for the whole 10 days."

The concept is to create a lounge where they themselves would like to hang out, she said.

"It’s about making (locals) feel like a V.I.P. in their own town," she added.

Crown on Main Luxury Lounge will be held at 508 Main Street in the Phoenix Gallery. Jackson said she feels very fortunate to have secured that spot and considers it one of the best galleries in town.

"It’s not my thing to stand in line and be treated like a second-class citizen in my own town," she said.

In addition to allowing locals on the A-list, the Crown Group is also hoping the lounge will give Park City business people the opportunity to actually host their own special guests during the festival not just point at what line to stand in for hours in the cold.

The passes (a four-day pass good during opening weekend is $850 and the full festival pass is $1,200) are transferable, Jackson said. That allows Parkites to pose as insiders to their own guests and guarantee them a good time during the festival.

According to a press release, live music, a continental breakfast, light fare lunch, evening appetizers and an all-day café will be included and available each day of the festival.

Oasis Entertainment will be organizing the Synchronize Concert Series held at the lounge along with other live entertainment including a live radio broadcast. See http://www.oasisentertainment.org for more details.

Park City resident Kim Oliver said she’s really excited for the lounge. She saw an ad for it and immediately thought it was a great idea, she said.

She’s lived here six years and loves Sundance. She invites people to stay with her and hosts clients. What’s missing from the experience is a guarantee you can get in somewhere, she said.

"You do what you’ve got to do to get tickets for movies, but friends want to go out after and unless you plan months in advance it’s impossible to get into cool events," she said.

She’s done it all: scammed her way in, paid exorbitant amounts and even dragged her cutest friends along to schmooze with doormen everything everyone else in town has tried.

Now for the same amount of money she would have paid anyway, she gets a guarantee with no standing in line.

"It’ll be a great place to take my girlfriends and be assured of a good time," she said.

If Park City people can afford it, why should they have to compete with the L.A. crowds? she said.

"It’s our festival," Oliver added.

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