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A new look Main Street


Park City leaders continue to consider a set of improvements to the Main Street district meant to make the shopping, dining and entertainment destination more attractive.

City Hall has scheduled an open house on Tuesday to gather ideas for Main Street and hear opinions about what improvements people desire. The event is scheduled from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. in the Park City Council chambers at the Marsac Building.

Matt Twombly, a City Hall staffer who is assigned to the Main Street work, said the Tuesday open house will also address Heber Avenue and Swede Alley, two streets that are closely tied to the Main Street district.

The municipal government earlier hired a consultant to study improvements based on a study by the Historic Park City Alliance, a business group that represents the interests of Main Street and nearby streets. The consultant work is ongoing and the firm is looking into ideas like pedestrian upgrades, plazas and bulb-outs paved areas that jut into the street.

Twombly said conceptual drawings will be presented at the open house, including what sort of work could someday be undertaken at Miners Park, the Brew Pub parking lot and the section of Swede Alley at the bottom of the Marsac Building stairs. Less ambitious topics that could be discussed include the locations of trash cans on Main Street.

"We’ve lost a lot of the pocket parks over the years. They believe having places for people to go and rest and linger would help Main Street," Twombly said about the Main Street businesspeople.

He said cost estimates will not be completed until late in April. The April timeline for the estimates will enable staffers to bring the ideas and costs to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council during their annual budget talks, which unfold in the spring and early summer.

Twombly said the elected officials are scheduled to discuss the Main Street work at an April 5 meeting, two days after the Tuesday open house.

Significant work would start in the spring of 2013, at the earliest. The work, though, will depend on whether the City Council sets aside funding for the improvements.

For more information about the open house, contact Twombly. His phone number is 615-5177 and his e-mail address is mtwombly@parkcity.org .

Main Street leaders argue that the improvements are needed to ensure the street remains competitive with outlying commercial districts like those at Kimball Junction.

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