A profane letter sent in response to a Trump flag has Sheriff’s Office asking for tolerance in final weeks of election | ParkRecord.com

A profane letter sent in response to a Trump flag has Sheriff’s Office asking for tolerance in final weeks of election

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to respect others and act with maturity during the home stretch of election season, apparently a tall task for some as deputies have had to investigate vandalism, sign stealing and, most recently, a profane and threatening letter regarding a Jeremy Ranch resident’s political flag.

“I don’t remember us dealing with the amount of political tension calls as we have this year,” Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said. “And it’s from both sides.”

In the latest incident, a family that recently moved to Jeremy Ranch had been flying a flag on their back porch supporting President Trump’s bid for reelection, according to a report from the Sheriff’s Office.

Apparently, Wright said, neighbors and passersby could see the flag in the hilly neighborhood, and one person was irate enough to send a profane letter to the family.

The letter was relatively short, Wright said, but the half-dozen or so sentences got the senders’ point across. It was addressed to the home and did not include the family’s name, nor did it have a return address.

Wright said it did not include specific threats or rise to the level of a crime and that the office was not planning to investigate the matter further.

The family moved to the neighborhood earlier this year and the letter told them to go back to where they’d come from. The writer also said they wouldn’t be bringing their children to the home to trick-or-treat even if the family was handing out gold bars.

“It’s like, come on guys. Leave other people’s signs and political opinions alone,” Wright said. “Anonymous letters in the mail, stealing signs, vandalizing signs, calling people names because of who you support isn’t doing anything to unite our country or further the cause, it’s just making us look silly.”

Wright said that deputies would be patrolling the area more frequently in response to the incident, just as deputies had done after cases of vandalism or sign stealing on the East Side of the county.

He said the family didn’t report the issue and that the letter had come to the office’s attention via social media. Wright said the family didn’t appear to want a more in-depth investigation, nor did they appear to have plans to take the flag down.

“I don’t care what your political views are, what your personal beliefs are. It’s just vile. It’s foul,” Wright said. “I don’t understand why we as a community have to stoop to the level of name-calling and basically saying they’re wrong for what their political beliefs are.”

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