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A strong finish

Jen Watkins, Of the Record staff

The 5th annual Mid-Mountain Marathon held on Sept. 12 went exactly as planned: The weather was perfect, the volunteers showed up to man the 10 water stations and the pies smelled delicious. But there was something new that not even the race organizers were prepared for: Four of the runners finished the 26-mile race in less than three hours and a handful more finished just minutes later.

"In a past race, one (runner) came in at 2:59," said Carol Potter, executive director of the Mountain Trails Foundation, "but this year was unprecedented at the number of people that came in (under three hours.)"

Cody Moat from Fillmore came in first with a time of 2:45:07.0, Michael Nordberg from Salt Lake City finished second with a time of 2:54:32.0, Parkite Ted Russell came in third overall with a time of 2:56:36.0 and Fritz Van de Kamp from Salt Lake City came in fourth with a time of 2:57:51.3.

Two-hundred and fifty runners participated in this year’s race, which is exactly 26.2 miles with a mostly level course at 8,000 feet elevation. It was first held one year after the trail was built. Potter said she believes the 8,000-foot trail is the only trail that goes through all three ski resorts in Park City.

She said many of the runners participate every year.

"There is one (runner) that comes every year from Massachusetts for this event," she said: "Kevin Sullivan, he won it a couple years ago."

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Potter said many of the runners participate because the course is so beautiful, and others are hoping to win the coveted prize: one of six pies made by Windy Ridge Bakery.

"As they come across the finish line, they can smell the pies," she said. "I can hardly stand to be next to them."

She said that is what makes this race so unique.

"Great event," Abby Larson, womens’ second place finisher said in a press release. "All the volunteers were spectacular! Thanks so much for putting it on…..and the pie — the pie was awesome! Seriously, one of the best prizes I’ve ever gotten…."