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A sun-kissed tan that delivers

When Parkite Jacqueline Cogan promises the perfect tan, she delivers. The Tanning Concierge, a business Cogan started three years ago, offers airbrush tans where customers choose whether they want the service delivered or not.

Cogan uses Infinity Sun, a water-based tanning product also used by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba. Using a suitcase-sized, portable spray tanner, the Tanning Concierge can tan clients in-house or at any home or hotel, a system Cogan developed to provide more convenience to customers, but also to spend more time with her children. She also offers aloe vera sprays for hydration and a shimmer sprays for those looking for a sun-kissed look.

"Everything I use is water-based," Cogan said. "It does not have the chemicals that are in other spray tans. The product goes into your pores and colors the skin, and the color you leave with is the color that you get."

"People will get nervous," she added. "I get asked all the time, ‘Is this going to make me orange?’ The coloring comes mostly from the walnut shell. That’s the color, so it’s not orange at all."

Cogan works with a variety of locals and tourists, from her long-time clients and friends to parties of women to the out-of-towner bride looking for the perfect touch of color before the big day. Oftentimes, Cogan has had to fix clients’ skin, using alcohol swabs and lemon juice and going over their chemically-produced tans with her own Infinity Sun system.

"It happens all the time, where people use the self-tanners or go to another place that uses chemical-based products," she said. "They come in and they are uneven; they’re hands are darker, and there are streaks on their arms.

"I’ve seen some real messes, and I hear people say they wish they had come to me first."

Cogan can even fill in tan lines from days at the beach or vacations taken in warmer weather.

The system works where customers can choose to wear a bikini or completely strip down. They stand in the shower, either in their home or in the hotel bathroom, and Cogan carefully sprays and contours the skin. Every person is different, she said, meaning that everyone will absorb the tan differently and her job is to create an even-looking, climate-appropriate tan.

If a client is on their way to Cancun, they might get a higher dose to compliment the beach. Others may be trying to even out the tan on their faces from time spent on the slopes or just preparing for an evening event, in which case she will lessen the coloring.

"It’s an art," Cogan said. "Everybody is the same in that we all have feelings about our flaws, but what I love about this is it is instant gratification. When people walk out, they feel better and they look better.

"I’ve heard several times from clients that they will get all these complements, that they look thinner or they’re hair looks different. It’s never about the suntan, but that’s what it is. Customers leave with a glow."

When she gets calls from potential clients, she often ends up explaining the entire process of airbrush tanning, the steps involved and the results clients might expect. Once, a nervous bride called Cogan asking dozens of questions, but after their conversation the bride relaxed and was very happy with the results, Cogan said.

"In Park City this has been huge," she added. "People want to look their best, to look healthy, but our summers are not as long as our winters. People get to feel better about themselves, and it doesn’t matter what time of year."

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