Ace Hardware to open Aug. 3 in Kamas |

Ace Hardware to open Aug. 3 in Kamas


A new Ace Hardware store will open in Kamas on August 3.

The franchise is the newest addition to the Kamas Food Town business park completed early last year. It joins Family Dollar and Subway.

The store created about eight new jobs, said Ace retail project manager Gary Johnson. The site was chosen to serve the local community and meet the needs of the growing second-home market in the Kamas Valley, he said.

The 8,750-square-foot store is considered "medium-sized" and will offer paints, tools, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, hardware, fasteners, housewares and small appliances, lawn and garden supplies, automotive supplies and even sporting goods, Johnson said.

Developers Denis and Steven Tanner, and Kevin and Kathleen Hoyt, reached out to several major retailers. They were interested in Ace and the corporation was interested in their project, Denis Tanner explained.

"They have a very good program; I was really impressed with them and thought it was a good fit. It will complement the grocery store and serve to draw people into both," he said.

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The choice of an Ace Hardware is confusing to some Kamas residents since the town already has a hardware store on Main Street: Southfork.

According to store manager Steffan Markham, the location has been independent for about seven years. Prior to that it was owned by John and Polly Hoyt and was affiliated with Ace Hardware.

Main Street-business owner Vickie McClusky said she fears the new store on S.R. 248 will take business away from Main Street.

"I don’t agree with it. There’s already a hardware store," she said.

She’d like to see a clothing or major appliance retailer.

"Something we don’t have. I don’t get it at all," she said.

Main Street business owners live in Kamas, and when a Kamas resident wants to open a business, they want to open on Main Street, she said.

"It will slowly put all us small-town businesses out of business," McClusky added.

Tanner said that is not his intention. His goal is to make the Food Town business park successful.

"I think everyone needs competition," he said.

Jesse Atkinson, chairman of Kamas City Planning Commission, said he does not want to see any "mom and pop" businesses pushed out by larger stores, but Kamas needs all the commercial tax base that wants to come.

"We must welcome businesses in; I don’t want to turn anyone away," he said. "We’ve had two or three new businesses (at the business park) in just the last year or two and they have helped out our city."