Adult High School provides an avenue for students seeking diplomas |

Adult High School provides an avenue for students seeking diplomas

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

The Park City School District’s Community Education Adult High School gives Utah residents an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and offers workshops to prepare students for taking the General Education Development test.

According to Park City School District Director of Community Education Judy Tukuafu, the program is funded by the state and has been offered within the district for several years.

"This is a program for people who didn’t finish high school and either want to get a high school diploma or take the GED test," Tukuafu said. "It depends on what your background is or what your needs are for what you should pursue."

Students ages 18 and up enroll in the program for a number of reasons, according to Tukuafu, who said there isn’t one kind of student. Students under 18 sometimes enroll in the program with a referral from a school counselor.

"One guy was an Olympic athlete, other people maybe had a baby, or quit for economic or medical reasons," she said. "There’s not really a stereotype."

Park City School District Adult High School Councilor Diane Cashel, said she meets with the students individually to assess how to help them obtain their goals.

"I evaluate what they need based on what their goals are for later," Cashel said. "I review their credits on their transcripts and ask them whether they want to continue their education or get a better job. I also put a plan together based on those needs and what would be the best avenue for that student."

She said since students are not required to come to class, the ones who are more motivated reach their goals faster by attending more classes. She said some students have set rigorous goals and others take their time.

"Some students want to get through the program a little faster based on what they want. Maybe their goal is to go the community college that fall, so the GED would satisfy the needs of the college."

Cashel said she also collaborates with the Adult High School teachers so they understand what the student should be working on and can also help the student move on with their life and focus on the future.

"We have people in our program who are just short of getting their credits for a diploma, and then we have people that have been working for years to get to their goal. When they finally get there, that’s really a celebration," she said. "The two teachers I work with are so positive with the students and they are really the key and success to the program."

Tukuafu said between six and 10 students attend class, which is offered every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m., at the Park City Learning Center. The cost is $40 and students can enroll throughout the year. Tuition covers the cost of books and school supplies.

For more information or to enroll at the Adult High School contact Judy Tukuafu at (435) 615-0216 or by email at .