Adventure offered with high-end service |

Adventure offered with high-end service


Jeff Manwaring doesn’t see any reason why you have to leave your concierge at the hotel.

Born and raised in Park City, Manwaring has worked as a concierge at many of the best local hotels for the past 10 years. The most common question he got from guests at the highest-end resorts was who they could call to take them on an adventure.

They wanted to be picked up at the hotel, taken straight to wherever they wanted to play and have all the equipment ready for them.

"People are after the whole experience they want everything, the whole package. And they’re on vacation, they don’t want to have to plan it," he said.

After Manwaring graduated from the University of Utah in business management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, he decided to apply his knowledge of the Park City area to starting his own tour business and providing the same level of service he gave at the hotels.

As a concierge, he strived to take the work out of travel. He was a success if guests had everything they needed and it was a seamless experience from travel to sleeping to meals to play.

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Earlier in his career, Manwaring was a Deer Valley Resort ski instructor and while working for hotels he often took people on hikes and mountain bike rides on the trails he knows well. He’s perfectly comfortable leading tours around the area and can offer something not all guides can: a lifetime of experience in the local mountains.

"I can really tell people about Park City. I know a lot of stories from the history, and the flora and fauna," he said.

Manwaring knows he’s entering a crowded field of tour guides, but he plans to distinguish himself with his dinner packages.

He can bring guests to a Deer Valley concert with a picnic dinner all set up, including wine and cheeses. He can drive them down to Salt Lake City to enjoy cultural offerings there and recommend the best restaurants. He has arranged several theater packages and also horseback riding with a chuckwagon dinner package in Oakley.

The primary thing Manwaring can offer that sets him apart is concierge-level service from beginning to end. He’s well dressed, cleanshaven and is always ready to open a bottle of wine or change a flat bicycle tire.

"I offer everything at once," he said.

In addition to offering tours of Salt Lake City, Manwaring said guests frequently asked about three destinations that hardly any existing companies cater to: the Heber Valley Railroad, Sundance Resort and Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

Everywhere they go with him, Manwaring said he can tell them as little or as much as they’d like about the history, plants and animals of the area.

If the group is large enough, Manwaring said he’s also happy to arrange any package they wish, from bird watching in the Uintas to attending a Utah Jazz basketball game.

Even though it’s usually the other way around, if guests need help choosing a hotel or restaurant, he has knowledge of all of them.

"There are so many good experiences to be had in Park City and Salt Lake City, and I want to bring them the best," he said. "It’s such a great place and I want to offer things people don’t think of as often."

Starting in the 2010-2011 ski season, Exclusive Excursions will also offer "nightlife" tours in Park City and Salt Lake City with local resident Colby Hoopes as guide.

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