After two state titles, Caro waves goodbye to the sideline |

After two state titles, Caro waves goodbye to the sideline

Christopher Kamrani, The Park Record

After leading his team to two state titles in four seasons, Caro Caro has resigned as head coach of the Park City High School boys’ soccer team. Under the tutelage of Caro, the Miners won back-to-back 3A state championships in 2008 and 2009 and three Region 10 titles.

"It’s time for me to just walk away from it and hope there will be new blood with passion who will come in and help the program," Caro said.

He said he’s chosen to walk away due to the lingering effects of double knee-replacement surgery in December 2010. The jovial, soccer-loving Caro said he forced his recovery by coming back to coaching too soon, rather than waiting for his body to fully recuperate.

By February 2011, he was back on his feet and organizing tryouts and scrimmages for the spring soccer season, something he regrets doing.

"I should not have done that. It was not good for me," he said. "My emotions were affected by my physical shape and a lot of things I don’t think I served the kids; I wasn’t preparing and studying the game like I usually do. I feel like I failed the kids; I feel like I didn’t put in the energy that was needed.

"I was not effective on communicating with my players. I was not effective in training; I was not effective with things I wanted to accomplish. I was expecting too much from them and I couldn’t articulate things to them that I should have been."

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Despite finishing 11-5-1 last year, Caro said he wasn’t in the right state of mind to continue coaching.

"I lost the passion and that flavor of wanting to win and to get the kids going; I failed on that," he said.

Park City High School athletic director Doug Payne said he will recall Caro’s tenacity for the game of soccer and his helping to right the ship for a program that, prior to his hire, had been placed on probation and earned a $500 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"He came in with sportsmanship and came in knowing and appreciating all the players and the work they had done," Payne said. "I think that is why they won that first state championship.

"He saw the benefits of the speed and being on offense and defense. Our defense that first year, most of that was predicated on his ability to assess the talent and the best position players, that it was not necessarily to help themselves, but to help the team."

Caro said he "cleaned house" and raised the necessary minimum 2.0 grade-point average to 2.5.

"I was fresh and very, very understanding of the athletes and young people who wanted to excel," he said. "I wanted to utilize that energy. I accomplished that. I don’t have any regrets for those years.

"Last year, I lost the energy. Not because I wanted to, because I was effected emotionally and psychologically because I had to endure lots of pain."

Now, his energy will translate to his other passion, which is horses. Caro said he owns a ranch in Silver Creek and has been breeding and training Peruvian horses.

"That’s what I’m using lately as a therapy," he said. "I’m training two babies that I need to sell next spring."

Caro and his family has lived in Park City full time since 2001 and two of his daughters are graduates of PCHS.

The search has begun for the next Park City head soccer coach and Payne said he has a handful of applicants scheduled to be interviewed in the next week.

"It’s a good field," he said. "We hope to get somebody good."

While Caro has stepped away from coaching, his admiration for the sport has, and never will waver.

"Soccer is always in my system," he said. "But it is time for me to watch from the sidelines. Just watching the game and looking at some local talents is a therapy I need for life."