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Agencies Coming Together

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

Every non-profit in Summit County has a lot to share with the population, and thanks to Agencies Coming Together, with each other as well. Seeing the benefit of bringing service agencies together to network and share resources, ACT. has been meeting every other month for over six years to help build community among the citizens and the non-profits that serve them.

"We emphasis local networking and focus on health and human services," said ACT co-chair Monika Guendner with the Park City Education Foundation. "A lot of the non-profits seem to serve a common community and overlap, so we wanted everyone to be able to find out what others are doing."

Meetings draw representatives from about 20 organizations, including the Peace House, People’s Health Clinic, Valley Mental Health, the Park City Police Department and any other organization that wants to network and talk with other agencies. The meetings mainly feature groups in the health and human services areas, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, even if it’s just an interested individual.

"It helps each organization to know what the others are doing so they can point people in the right direction," said Guendner. "There is a lot of overlap in what each non-profit does and this allows us to share resources."

Meetings are hosted by a different highlighted organization each time and are called casual networking events.

"We emphasis personal networking between members of the organizations so that if there is a specific person they want to talk to or find out more about, they can spend their time doing so," said Guendner.

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Through ACT’s meetings, organizations have become aware of the needs of children in low income housing and set up summer activities. An email chain has been established so throughout the month agencies can ask for feedback or spread the word about new programs.

"So much more gets accomplished through personal relationships," said ACT co-chair Erika Wells with Big Brother, Big Sisters. "We can know what’s going on and can collaborate with each other."

By sharing ideas and updates with each other, Wells said that organizations are able to pass along program information to their clients and make sure everyone is informed about all the available resources.

"Mountainlands Community Housing can tell their residents about a Basin Recreation programs they found out about, it is a great way to spread the word," said Guendner.

Agencies Coming Together will hold their next meeting on Wednesday July 13. It will be hosted by Summit County division of Valley Mental Health in the Rotary Park in Park City at noon. All non-profits are welcome and it is free to join. For more information call Monika Guendner at 435-901-2294.