All Seasons expands to 500 rooms |

All Seasons expands to 500 rooms

All Seasons Resorts may not be taking over the world, but it’s trying.

"We went from managing 90 rooms to 500 in 2007," said Alan Finnegan, president of All Seasons Resorts.

Finnegan started in Park City managing three properties in 1999: Silver King Hotels, Silver Cliff Village and All Seasons condominiums.

"At that time I was the general manager of Silver King and I stayed there as the general manager to operate those businesses until 2002," Finnegan said.

In 2002, he took the position as president for All Seasons Resorts and since then has grown the company to include 11 different properties in Park City and outside of Utah.

"We felt that with the success that we got here in Park City, we could take that on the road to other resort destinations, which is really our focus. We are looking for nightly rentals and resort destinations which is our specialty," Finnegan said.

In 2007, All Seasons bought property in San Diego, Sante Fe and Mesquite. The San Diego units are oceanfront condos on Pacific Beach.

"Our goal there is starting small with 35 units, but with the same kind of plan we had in Park City, which is to grow that into La Jolla Beach north of Pacific Beach," Finnegan said.

The Sante Fe, New Mexico properties include 100 units that he hopes to expand to another 500.

"We’ve had success in Park City and can take that and build on other markets," he said.

But, Finnegan has learned other markets bring in different clients, different needs and different problems.

"Even though you can take your experience in Park City, you are going into new markets," Finnegan said. "The Sante Fe market is more arts, it’s not a ski or resort destination. San Diego is a beach resort, but it’s more about business, commercial and a metropolitan resort."

Finnegan said he’s utilizing local marketing schemes to make All Seasons a success in those areas.

"We are able to learn how to go into those markets and understand where you can extract that information of what’s going on there and utilize what chamber/bureaus have figured out in those areas," he said. "We were very successful in marketing those three (Park City) properties and felt like we could influence other properties in a positive way."

The Park City success Finnegan had was based on building relationships with owners who mostly live out of state, taking care of their properties and communicating.

"We built the company around owners to generate owner income," Finnegan said. "Second is asset management."

Finnegan said he has a number of programs that take care of the units while the owners are away and he communicates everything with the owner.

"If we feel like if we have an owner that is educated about what’s happening, and knows what consumers are looking for, if we are proactive in communicating that, then they are a partner in the success," Finnegan said. "We recognize we are in business because of each other. Owners are key to our success.

Finnegan said Tom Overson, the vice president of All Seasons Resorts, instills that philosophy among employees.

"I brought Tom in to the company specifically for that experience he had with Marriott. There they are reporting to their management, it’s part of their training program," Finnegan said.

The expansion of All Seasons was necessary, not only to make more money but for survival, Finnegan said.

"Vendors don’t want to deal with one person and one unit, they want to get into 500 units," Finnegan said.

Finnegan is talking about vendors such as and other travel sites that bring customers to destinations.

"A small organization is unable to use those," Finnegan said. "It’s difficult for the small-time operators to compete in the nightly rental program.

With the help of vendors, Finnegan said he’s been able to please more of his owners.

"We’ve been able to position those properties in key places on the Internet, where they never had that access before," Finnegan said. ""If they are coming to Park City, our name will be in front of them."

His expansion to other states probably wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t have a connection with third-party vendors.

"I had the volume where I could go to third-party vendors and Travelocity, etc., and I felt like we could bring success," Finnegan said. "When you are in those market places you need a base of numbers that you can load into their inventory."

The Internet is becoming a crucial tool for All Seasons, aside from the online vendors.

"It’s about understanding what the consumer needs when they purchase their stay or destination. We’ve created a Web site where they can order their groceries and we will have it in the fridge when they get there, and they can order lift tickets online," Finnegan said.

Finnegan said more property management companies have come to Park City, especially since the Olympics were held here.

"It seems that we’ve seen an expansion in property management companies, but they’re more small niche property management, but not in the first tier, where you have large organizations running them."

That observation caused Finnegan to purchase more properties.

"We certainly saw the opportunity with growth," Finnegan said.

All Seasons Resorts is located at 5532 Lillehammer Lane. For more information, call 435-513-1081.

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