Alpine Ski Properties moves to Iron Horse |

Alpine Ski Properties moves to Iron Horse


Alpine Ski Properties has moved from 1776 Park Ave. in Holiday Village where it first opened seven and a half years ago to 875 Iron Horse Dr. Unit D.

The new space occupies two floors and provides the company with all the room it needs to keep its different departments together.

Co-owner Linda Stice said the expansion is significant because it has been a tough time for her industry. She and co-owner Kerry Cunningham are proud to report that they are growing in staff as well as space.

Property management is a unique business because of the different needs an office must fill, Stice explained.

When they first opened in Holiday Village after working together at different properties for over 20 years, the two women only needed a small space.

As their business grew, they needed storage space for the housekeeping and maintenance departments.

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But property managers cannot allow their offices to become closets for mops, monkey wrenches and bleach. When guests arrive in town, they must check in to receive their key. The reception area is part of the company’s brand.

The new office on Iron Horse Drive is easier to access and easier to find for guests, and its layout allows the company to keep its office workers together in one area, provide adequate storage, and create an area to receive clients.

The company manages nightly rentals, private homes and homeowner associations mostly in the Deer Valley area. For more information call 435-649-2424.

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