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Amazing Shoe

Jason BarthDeborah Dekoff 6th grade, Ecker Hill International Middle School

I step in gum and sometimes in poo. That’s right I’m a shoe. I’m the type of shoe that you can wear for anything. That means I get worn almost every day. Luckily, I’m old, and because of that, I thought I wouldn’t be worn as much. I was wrong, however, and I’m still worn a lot. This is how I was bought.

I was the coolest, and best shoe there was. I was the first smart shoe made. I was the only type of me. Everyone wanted me. I looked like a normal tennis shoe, but I was much more than that. I could be used for almost anything. I could turn into different shapes depending on what you wanted me to look like. I could also change my size, and that is why I still have my owner. A male teenager bought me a few years ago. I am very grateful that he did. I almost got bought by a man who smoked (he really stunk), but luckily I didn’t.

My life has been extremely good. I have only had two bad experiences. Once, I stepped in my owner’s dog’s poo. That was very stinky. Lastly, I stepped in some gum. Luckily, my owner got it off.

Now I will tell you an adventure that I had just a few weeks ago. My owner and I were coming back from New York City to our home in Boston. He wanted to get more comfortable in the almost rock hard seats (which I didn’t blame him). Anyway, he took me off, and threw me into the back of the car, but I ricocheted off of something and ended up in a dreaded place: UNDER HIS LITTLE SISTER’S SEAT. I met an eraser there. I will tell you about our adventure.

"G’day mate," yelled a mysterious male voice with an Australian accent.

"Who’s there?" I inquired nervously.

Then he replied, "Oh, just another priceless thing that’s gotten stuck in this part of the seat, mate."

"What are you?" I asked softly, still a little nervously.

"I’m an eraser," he replied.

Suddenly I saw an eraser that had never been used, and was in perfect shape. We became friends quickly. I asked a few more things, and found out that his name was Lance. I’ll skip some of the boring parts of our conversation and get to the exciting part.

I asked, "What did you mean by this part of the seat?"

"Follow me," he replied.

For the next few hours I traveled under the seat. I found out that there was a door that when you go through it you came into a whole new world under the car. It was incredible that the different things that had fallen under the car seat had made an amazing world. There was a Niagara Falls made out of oil. There were houses made out of awesome things. There was also a New York City. My favorite thing I found out was that when you go through the door you became the size of an atom. That way they could fit sooo many cool things in there. I actually considered about staying, but I couldn’t abandon my owner. So I went back through the door and started sleeping under the seat.

The next morning I was back in my owner’s room. The only bad part about leaving the wonderful place was that I couldn’t talk to Lance anymore. We eventually found a way to write to each other. Also, every now and then, I’ll be able to go back to that wonderful place.

Now I’ll tell you about my owner’s dog. His dog is very sweet, and I like him, but I don’t think he likes me. Sometimes he will chew at my sole (not inside my body). He’ll also chew at my tongue. Luckily my material is very tough. That way, no one can destroy me. After the shoemakers built me I was indestructible. Even fire can’t destroy me. Anyway, I’ve had some bad experiences with that dog. He’ll drop me in mud, or so it looks like. The dog has been nice too me, though. He will sometimes rub against me and get me all warm and fuzzy.

Now I’ll tell you about my favorite things. My favorite things are hotels, shiny lights, running, and cats. These are my favorite things because they are comfortable, cool, fun, and warm. I love hotels because they give me a chance to relax. Since my owner is wearing me three quarters of the day, it’s nice to be able to relax. Next, I am fond of shiny lights. They’re sweet to look at. They zone me out, to the level that I can’t realize anything is happening. I absolutely love running. I think my owner loves it too. We run every other day. I like cats, just as much as I like running. They are so warm and fuzzy. They warm me up when I am cold.

You might think that I have a boring life, but I don’t think so. I could tell you so many more things I’ve done, but I don’t have that kind of time because the dog is really nearby. That is basically my life. Oh, no, here comes the dog!

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Opposite Poem

Skye Mooney

Deborah DeKoff 6th grade class

Ecker Hill International Middle School On Sunday in the middle of the week, a boy kissed my hand and left a mark on my cheek. I threw up on the sand as it started to snow, and closer away the boy did go. I ran away to the place I was just at, and stood in the snow as I sang and sat. So as you can hear, Death Valley is white, and it often snows every blazing hot night.


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