Ambassadors monitor Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District’s parks and trails |

Ambassadors monitor Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District’s parks and trails

Volunteers needed for program’s third season

Participants in the Snyderville Special Recreation Districtís Park Ambassador Program join district officials at Trailside Park. From left to right: Carole Sedivec, Skip Sedivec, Judi Guzman, Sarah Altschuler, Rachel Bodily, Recreation Coordinator Angie Greenburg, Kathy Sonzini and Park Manager Ben Liegert.
(Courtesy of the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District)

Skip Sedivec and his wife, Carole, spend a significant amount of their time at the numerous trails and parks owned by the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District.

The Sedivecs, who live in Silver Creek, said they were approached nearly three years ago about joining the Recreation District’s then-new Park Ambassador Program and gladly offered their services. The program comprises of an all-volunteer group that promotes community stewardship and facilitates communication between Park City and Basin residents and the district.

“There are a lot of people that come here and don’t know their way around the trails and parks,” Sedivec said. “I think it’s a great opportunity to encourage people to use the park system, but in a good way. One of the things that Carole and I are really concerned about as runners and bikers are off-leash dogs.”

With the program now in its third season, Recreation District officials are planning to expand the program beyond just monitoring parks and trails. The district operates six parks and manages nearly 300 miles of paved and natural surface trails.

Angie Greenburg, recreation coordinator for the Recreation District who oversees the program, said she is trying to recruit volunteers to also help with the district’s events, such as Celebrate the Spirits, Santa at the Fieldhouse and the annual Easter egg hunt.

“We decided that it would be great to have some volunteers in our parks and on our trails keeping an eye out to report anything that they see,” Greenburg said. “It’s the kind of program that is more of a public service to inform people about leash laws for dogs and other regulations. We are also trying to get our name out there more so people know the trails and parks they are frequenting are the Recreation District’s because they don’t always make the affiliation.”

Volunteers are required to donate at least four hours a week to the program, including helping with a couple events a year. Greenburg said park ambassadors are given a season pass to the Fieldhouse for their service.

“I think that it is a fun program and it’s a good way to give back,” Greenburg said. “We are encouraged by the success of this program as it shows just how much our community cares about the area parks, trails and public events.”

Park Ambassadors are also responsible for placing signage on trails and conducting surveys of trail users.

Sedivec said he and his wife spend about four hours patrolling their favorite parks, such as the Willow Creek and Matt Knoop Memorial parks. He said they walk around for about two hours at each park to check the restrooms and answer any questions from those who are new or unfamiliar with the area. He encouraged others to join the program.

“I think it is a great program,” he said. “There a lot of other things we could do. We are retired so we do a lot of things outdoors. Those times we spend in the park are a great opportunity for us to meet different people and try to help out a bit.”

<i>Applications are now being accepted to become a park ambassador. For more information,
contact Angie Greenburg at or go to</i&gt;

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