AmEx: skiers fly Delta to Park City |

AmEx: skiers fly Delta to Park City


The Salt Lake City International Airport may be even more important to Park City’s success than many realize. According to a consumer habits report, most of the area’s biggest spenders come from other Delta Air Lines hubs.

The report came from American Express, which offers a service called "Business Insights: Destination IQ" that presents the spending habits of American Express users in a certain area.

Aniket Ozarkar with the company shared highlights from the data at the Park City Chamber/Bureau Fall Forum last Thursday at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

After New York City and Los Angeles Park City’s two best feeder markets the community’s best feeder markets for American Express users are Atlanta, Georgia and other cities with major Delta operations at the local airport, he said.

Now that Delta has merged with Northwest Airlines, Ozarkar predicted major Northwest centers will also become significant customers.

Another significant finding is that the average amount spent with a card during the first quarter of 2010 was up 10 percent over the previous year.

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The company counts every customer who spent more than $100 in Park City as a "visitor." It monitored 27,866 visitors in the first quarter up six percent, Ozarkar explained. Of those, 78 percent used consumer cards, the rest were business cards.

As might be expected, the largest purchases were for lodging, restaurants and retail. The average purchase was $1,500 for lodging, $282 for restaurants, and $345 for retail.

After New Yorkers, visitors from Boston and San Francisco spent the most on lodging and restaurants, he said. Visitors from Chicago and Atlanta were also big spenders.

For American Express, the international visitors to Park City who spent the most were from Mexico. People from the United Kingdom and Mexico appear to have spent as much as typical visitors from the East Coast, he explained.

His data also suggests some of Park City’s primary competitors are Las Vegas and Denver. Boston and the Fort Worth-Dallas area in Texas are emerging feeder markets, he said.