Animal hospital fills void |

Animal hospital fills void

Born, raised and working in Salt Lake City, Britt Dubil never intended to open a veterinary practice in Park City. Until she did.

After more than 15 years practicing as a veterinarian, Dubil opened her first practice, Pinebrook Animal Hospital, last month in Quarry Village with the hopes to reach what she called an "underserved market" in Jeremy Ranch.

Pinebrook Animal Hospital works with cats and dogs, with dogs most notably Labradors making up a huge part of Dubil’s business. The new vet clinic offers the basics such as teeth cleaning and neutering and spaying, but also provides surgeries and euthanasia.

Under the motto "Your pet is our family," Dubil said she wanted the business to feel personal, the type of place where she knows the names of the families and pets she sees and can spend more time with patients.

Before deciding to open a practice in Park City, Dubil worked at a large practice in Salt Lake City, an environment she said was one of her major reasons for leaving Salt Lake City. On any given day, she could see up to two dozen animals. Now, Dubil is testing calmer waters in Summit County with Pinebrook Animal Hospital.

"We really do want to be a part of your family," she said. "I want it to be the kind of place where you can come to me if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be here."

"It’s about slowing down and doing things right," she added. "I don’t want people to feel like they are a number."

The animal hospital has separate examination rooms for dogs and cats to help put animals at ease. Every aspect of the business is electronic, allowing her to help patients faster, including a half-hour wait time on blood results tests. Even pets requiring euthanasia are handled in what she calls a "meditation room," where owners can be in a more peaceful setting.

"I can do so much more so much more efficiently," Dubil said. " we’re taking full advantage of the technology out there to make this business run smoothly."

Even if Dubil sees more Labradors than any other types or species in her clinic, she has worked on more exotic breeds of pets, including a pet wallaby and elephants on a preserve in South Africa. But Dubil is taking Pinebrook back to the basics, serving dog and cat owners in the Jeremy Ranch area. And she is quickly learning what ails Park City pets. Unlike Salt Lake City where Dubil said at least 30 percent of the pets she saw were overweight, Park City pets are often in good shape, but she does see injuries ranging from blown-out knees to worms.

Since she was a child, Dubil said she knew her love of animals was leading her toward becoming a veterinarian. Constantly collecting birds, rodents, snakes and insects, Dubil admitted her childhood habits were not always appreciated by her parents.

One summer, Dubil spent an entire day collecting caterpillars in a shoebox. After she went to sleep, her mother released the caterpillars back into the yard.

"I always knew," she said. "It’s been a very rewarding career. I’m lucky because I love my job. My profession is my passion."

Since she opened, pet owners have stopped in, often with pet in tow, to say hello to Dubil and her staff. Whether it is a long walk down part of the canyon or a quick car ride, Dubil said she loves to see familiar faces after just more than a month in town.

"There are such strong bonds in this community," she said. "Everybody knows each other, is very supportive of each other and its nice to see that. You don’t always see that. This is a community more than a city."

Pinebrook Animal Hospital

8178 Gorgoza Pines Road 435-571-0456

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