Animal screeches heard in Park City |

Animal screeches heard in Park City

A mountain lion might be in American Flag

A woman who lives in the American Flag neighborhood said she heard sounds like those made by a mountain lion in the overnight hours on Monday, another case possibly involving one of the animals after a series of reports in August.

Andy Barros, who lives on Golden Eagle Drive, said she did not see the animal making the sounds but is confident it was a mountain lion. She said she heard the sounds at 1:30 a.m. They were loud enough to wake her and her husband.

Barros said she at first considered whether an animal in distress was making the sounds. They went on for one minute. When she woke up later in the morning she searched the Internet for sounds made by a mountain lion. The audio clips she found online matched the sounds she heard. It was a different sound than the ones made by bobcats, which she also found online, Barros said.

“It’s jolting. It was really loud . . . It sounded like it was right in our backyard,” she said, adding, “It was screech after screech after screech.”

Barros said she and her husband did not investigate at the time they heard the sounds and did not see a mountain lion.

Barros said she has once seen a mountain lion in Park City, in August. The animal was off Deer Valley Drive on the route to Snow Park Lodge, she said.

Barros said she does not let her two small dogs out into a fenced yard at night and her husband carries a stick while walking the dogs that can be used to fend off a mountain lion.

The episode on Monday follows a month after a series of mountain lion reports in the Park City area, including in Bear Hollow and in the vicinity of Mellow Mountain Road.