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APTitude teaches success for life in Park City


APTitude Academic Services is not a tutoring business. Julie and D.J. Glusker want to make that clear. They do provide educational assistance, but tutoring is only one service they offer. They consider tutoring as a tool in their arsenal.

"We take a strategic and holistic approach to learning. Our mission is to align goals, aptitude and strategy toward achievement," Julie said.

D.J. says he sees it as providing strategic planning for life.

The Gluskers use the word strategy often because their goal is to take students starting as early as middle school and give them learning and problem-solving tools that will allow them to succeed in any subject at any level of education and beyond.

If a student is struggling with geometry, the Gluskers would like to help them get a better grade. But more importantly, they want that student to do well next year, and the year after that. If possible, they’d like to help that student learn to love math.

Another reason they use strategy is because they like to identify what a client is already good at, and help them apply those same strengths to the areas where they’re struggling. If a young person is a great athlete but a bad student, the Gluskers will identify the talents that make them successful in competition and help them apply those talents to learning.

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APTitude focuses on teenagers because those years and up through age 24 are when most learning takes place, Julie explained. Children tend to absorb things like languages better at younger ages, but what is learned during the middle-school and high-school years is usually retained and applied throughout life.

The Gluskers say they work closely with professionals in the school district to make sure they’re complementing what their clients are already learning and not just adding more work. They don’t want clients to be busier; they want them to be more efficient.

"We teach transferable skills so they don’t need a tutor year after year," D.J. explained. "We’ve succeeded if they’re able to achieve success on their own."

Julie said she likes a medical analogy. APTitude isn’t an Emergency Room for struggling students; they’re internists thinking about long-term success and crisis prevention.

For example, if a student can’t seem to understand what their history teacher wants them to remember from 20 pages of reading for a test, APTitude might teach them active reading skills. Instead of reading everything at once and trying to remember later, Julie might teach tricks to take notes while reading, or to stop and review every 10 minutes before continuing. Sometimes tricks for improving memory are the key.

She often hears her friends talk about their children’s homework as if it’s a joint effort. When a class is difficult, the parents become as stressed as the children. Julie wants her clients to be able to handle challenges on their own. In her opinion, happiness in life doesn’t come from achievements or acquisitions, but from self-confidence in facing challenges.

Successful adults have a tool box of skills to address any situation. The earlier children can be given that toolbox the better, D.J. said.

The Glusker’s personal education and teaching experiences make them qualified to improve achievement in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Literature, Language Arts, Writing, Spanish, ACT and SAT Prep, and applying for college.

If a student needs help in another area or at a level beyond what the Gluskers can provide, APTitude benefits from an advisory committee. A network of professionals has been assembled who can assist directly if they’re in town, or remotely if not.

APTitude Academic Services

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