Architect takes top national award |

Architect takes top national award

Gina Barker, The Park Record

With nearly 10,000 square feet and 270 degree views of the mountains, all built around a single, load-bearing pillar, Architect Clive Bridgwater of Bridgwater Consulting Group knew his home design was something special. He was right.

The home won the 2011 National Association of Homebuilders "Platinum Award for Best Custom Home over 6,500 Sq Ft," a top honor in the industry and the first design to take a top award among one of Bridgwater’s 450 completed projects nationwide.

"It’s like we’re making a fine-tailored suit, and we want that suit to fit just right," Bridgwater said. "We don’t want it to be just another suit. It has to be the one that’s perfect for you."

The home is located in the Promontory area and plays off of surrounding more traditional mountain architecture. But Bridgwater’s home is anything but traditional.

"It’s a very unique structure," he said.

The somewhat unassuming entrance leads into an open foyer looking into the great room, which overlooks the mountain views. In the center, a pillar cuts into the scene with a large fireplace.

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"I have to say, the sequence of when you step in, look across this bridge through the fireplace and out to the view, you keep seeing more and more and more of the views," he said.

Warm woods line ceilings and stonework lines the floors, but Bridgwater managed to incorporate the mountains’ grit with industrial elements as well. Complete with smart home features and green technology in every nook and cranny, Bridgwater said the home is energy efficient on top of being a one-of-a-kind. And because the home is an "estate home," it could stand for 75 years without so much as replacing a window.

"When we get these homes on the planet, it really feels like a level of invention," Bridgwater said. "These homes are created, completely unique."

"There’s a whole process we go through with clients, schemes and studies that are narrowed down to three ideas which we present to the client," he added

Bridgwater always had his heart in architecture. As a child he built buildings with his Lego’s. As a teenager, he was entering meticulously designed models into competitions. And the designs were winning.

The Los Angeles native went to school in Santa Monica, completing his architecture degree at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. that time, he had a team of eight people working for him on projects such as community planning and office buildings.

For the past 32 years, he has run an office in L.A. Seven years ago, Bridgwater opened a new business in Park City, extending his reach into an area he said was a clean slate, a place waiting to be developed, organized, defined.

"It’s been so interesting," Bridgwater said. "I feel like we’re creating a language for the area, but we’re also watching it grow."