Art consultant shares advice for Festival-goers |

Art consultant shares advice for Festival-goers

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When heading into an atmosphere like the Arts Festival where zealousness can obscure the ability to make sound decisions it’s helpful to keep some smart art-buying tips in mind.

Parkite Robin Valline knows a thing or two about purchasing art. He’s been in the business for more than 30 years as a framer, a gallery owner and more recently, a sales consultant.

"Buying artwork can be somewhat emotional and spontaneous at times," Valline says. "I think the most important thing is to follow your own confidence and buy what you like."

He recommends going to the festival early and taking advantage of the opportunity to chat with the artists. "Every painting, every sculpture every little piece that is hand-created usually has a great story behind it," he says.

What happens if you get home and realize you have no idea where to put your new artistic investment? "If you love it, it’ll find the perfect place to nest in your home," Valline says.

He notes that people shouldn’t be afraid to move art around. "Art can change the environment in your home so much. Just because a piece looks spectacular in one spot doesn’t mean it can’t look spectacular in another spot, too," he says.

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For those who purchase a painting or piece of art that needs a frame, Valline suggests soliciting the assistance of a professional.

"Framing is really a personal thing," he says. "A framer is a facilitator with all kinds of goods, and the magic happens on a design table in a frame shop. It’s a moment when you can really explore some creativity and what-ifs. It’s a great experience when it all comes together."

While some first-time art collectors presume they should stick to pieces by no more than a few artists, Valline disagrees. "I find eclectic collections in homes much more interesting than 40 pieces by one guy in one house," he says.

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival provides a great starting point for new collectors, he adds. "One of the great things about the Arts Festival is it brings a collection of artists together that is usually very eclectic. It’s a great variety of brilliant thinking and creativity that makes a terrific opportunity to be very diverse in your collection," he says.

Another thing to be aware of while browsing the artists’ booths is that many of the items are one-of-a-kind pieces. "If you hesitate, you can lose an opportunity," Valline says. "If you think you can buy a piece and you really love it, jump on it. As you leave the booth, the next person coming in could pick that piece and 15 minutes later when you come back, you could be very disappointed. Make the move, do it with confidence and have fun."