Art-n-Sole tickets sales announced |

Art-n-Sole tickets sales announced

Submitted by Platinum Lounge

Platinum Lounge announces its first Art-n-Sole benefit that will take place on Saturday, Aug. 27, at Jupiter Bowl, 1090 Center Street, at Kimball Junction.

Art-n-Sole is an annual charity fundraiser where celebrities and guests can express themselves artistically and help children in need by artistically customizing their own blank pair of TOMS Shoes.

The goal of the event is to raise funds for the Chris Maddux Film Scholarship while supporting TOMS One for One movement. The movement provides a pair of new shoes to a child in need with every pair of TOMS footwear purchased.

The shoes created by the celebrities will be auctioned off in September to create additional funds for the Chris Maddux Film Scholarship.

Maddux, the media and film teacher at Park City High School and founder of the Miner Film Festival, passed away in April after a battle with colon cancer.

"Chris Maddux was a teacher, mentor, friend, colleague, husband, and father," said former student Cole Sax of Unknown Productions. "(He) was a true genuine person that cared for everyone."

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Entrance to the Art-n-Sole event is a donation via the event page at

There will be two tiers for ticket sales. There are 200 tickets available for $100 now. On July 25, Ticket Cake will release an additional 200 tickets at $130 per person.

Should the first tier of tickets sell out before July 25, the second tier at $130 will immediately be released for sale. All sales for the event end Friday, August 5th. Tickets will not be available for purchase the day of event.

The cost of the donation not only raises money or the Chris Maddux Film Scholarship, but gives each guest a pair of TOMS Shoes, entertainment, food and drinks.

IN Magazine’s "Sexy in SLC" Skylar Laraquette and Mary Ann Horne will be on hand to host "The Mary Skylar More Show" and conduct interviews during the event.

Art-n-Sole will also offer special screening of "For Tomorrow: The First Step of the Revolution," a documentary about TOMS Shoes Directed by Kenneth Kokin, co-producer of "The Usual Suspects."

The event will also feature the music of the Daniel Day Trio and DJ’s Dolph and Bentley from Symmetry and Sound. A cocktail contest will also be one the schedule. The winning mixture will be named the Platinum Lounge’s signature drink and will be featured during Sundance Film Festival events.

"We are looking forward to this fantastic event. From the beginning of planning this event, there was no other cause more important to me than continuing Chris Maddux’s legacy, hence our creation of the Chris Maddux Film Scholarship, he will always be a local treasure, said Molly Vetter of the Platinum Lounge. "TOMS Shoes was a no brainer for our national charity as it most exemplifies our continuing mission at Platinum Lounge of giving."

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