Artwork reflects the spirit of Slamdance |

Artwork reflects the spirit of Slamdance

While Slamdance takes filmmaking seriously, there is a fun side to the festival, as seen in the official art throughout the years.

For two years, the art was of a roll of candy and last year, it was a child’s toy movie camera.

This year, the art is a rocket ship zooming to the unknown, created by commercial artist Bill Sneed.

"Bill wanted to create something he wanted to show off that would draw attention to his business," said Slamdance Executive Director Peter Baxter. "He agreed to work closely with me to come up with a piece of art that reflected the theme of the festival."

This year’s theme is No Fear, No Limits.

"Fear and limits are the scourge of the independent filmmaker," Baxter said. "So, Bill wanted to show these artists don’t have fear."

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The artwork is centered around a rocket that has a do-it-yourself look.

"You can see smoke coming out the back of the engine, but the pilot looks to have no fear as he travels to the outer limits," Baxter said. "That’s what independent filmmaking is all about. The graphic element does stand out and we hope everyone will agree."