Barricade planned for Lucky John drop off |

Barricade planned for Lucky John drop off

Residents will have to say goodbye to parking at the student drop-off on Lucky John Drive.

At the last school board meeting it was determined a barricade will be put up to create a pull-through lane at the drop-off point, eliminating the parking spaces.

The project got underway after the city approached the school board about partnering with the district to make that area safer for walkers. After discussing a number of solutions the barricade will be put in place to test whether or not something similar would be effective.

The structure will be temporary, and is only intended as a possible solution to parents backing up out of the angle parking that is there now. This is potential hazard. One Lucky John Drive resident, Pat Horyna, said it could be lethal.

A number of dogs have been hit and killed on the drive, she reported, because they were not on leashes.

"Children are not on leashes either," she said.

Horyna often sees parents dropping their children off in the morning and said the biggest problem is people are not always paying attention.

"The most dangerous thing is I’m not too sure every person who backs up is really looking for children," she said.

While acknowledging there is problem, Horyna admitted she does not know what would solve it.

"I don’t know what the solution would be, slow down and pay attention I guess. That sounds good, but you know it’s not reality," she said.

Horyna added the drivers are not the only problem at the drop-off. The Lucky John path is not poled, she said, so maintenance workers can not find it to clear it off properly.

"I don’t want a child getting hurt on the bike path because they didn’t clear the snow and I don’t want a child hurt on Lucky John because somebody was talking on their cell phone," she said.

People driving too fast in a congested area also create problems, but Horyna said the city has put measures in place to solve that.

"In the past, as a neighborhood group, we have worked with the city to try and get people to slow down and they have been very, very responsive," she said.

The city has stationed a police officer there in the past, which Horyna said was very helpful. They also put up speed monitors which helped slow the cars that often travel in the neighborhood at 45 miles per hour.

Support Services Director Steve Oliver said he is not sure when the barricades will go up, but estimated sometime in the next two to three weeks.

He wanted to be sure the city could provide concrete barriers and not the orange ones, for aesthetic reasons.

"If I had to guess I think that at least half of the people are going to like it," he said.

There are currently 12 to 14 parking stalls in the are that will be eliminated by the barrier. Oliver said this will most likely irritate parents who are in the habit of parking there and walking students to McPolin Elementary School.

"I’m guessing those people will be the ones that we’ll hear from, but I just have a hunch that this will work pretty well," he said.

With police enforcement he anticipates the traffic will flow well after people adjust.

"There probably will be some signage and enforcement issues until everyone is singing from the same sheet of music," he said.

Those who have feedback concerning the barricade may contact Oliver at .

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