Basin man told he can’t run for Park City mayor |

Basin man told he can’t run for Park City mayor

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A Snyderville Basin man went to City Hall’s election official midday Thursday intending to file campaign papers to seek the mayor’s office in Park City, but he did not fill out the form after he was told he was not eligible and might violate state and local laws if he did.

Shawn Irvin lives in the Snyderville Basin neighborhood of Bear Hollow. It is outside the city limits. Only people who live inside the boundaries of Park City are eligible to serve as an elected official.

Irvin, who is 37 years old, said he lived inside Park City for 10 years between the early 1990s and the early 2000s. He promotes extreme athletes.

He said he is disappointed he cannot mount a campaign in Park City. Irvin said he had been considering a mayoral bid for a week.

He said his campaign would have stressed widening the use of solar energy in Park City and advancing City Hall’s open space program. He said he is worried with the amount of building that is occurring.

"Stop construction until what is built is paid for and sold," he said.

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He is happy living in Bear Hollow, calling the neighborhood a "peaceful wonderland."

Cindy LoPiccolo, the City Hall election official who spoke to Irvin at Miners Hospital, said afterward he did not meet residency requirements for a campaign inside Park City and he is not registered to vote inside the city limits.

Irvin’s interest came a few days after LoPiccolo acknowledged she had received inquiries from two Basin residents about campaigning for the mayor’s office in the past few months. She said she informed them of the residency requirements.

Candidates for elected office in Park City must have lived in the city for at least 12 consecutive months before an election. They also must be registered to vote within the city.