Be civil in Park City, you might get an award |

Be civil in Park City, you might get an award

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Handing out cards honoring people seen acting with civility in Park City has been going on for just a few weeks.

Now the organizers of the local civility campaign want to acknowledge four people with what have been labeled Civility Awards, a wider recognition than the cards.

The current class of Leadership Park City, a yearlong program that prepares people to take on more important roles in the community, wants people to act more civil to each other and has created the Civility Awards alongside the civility cards.

John Davis, a member of the Leadership Park City class who is involved with the civility campaign, said the awards will be given out in late September. The nomination deadline is Sept. 1. The Leadership Park City class will vote for the winners.

"We’re looking for people from all walks of life," Davis said, describing that the winners will probably have "dedicated much of their life to others."

He said approximately 12 people had been nominated for a Civility Award by the middle of the week. They have varied backgrounds, including from the corporate world, the not-for-profit sector and schools, he said.

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"These people exemplify what we think is possible in Park City," he said about the people who will receive the Civility Awards.

Information posted on a website dedicated to the civility campaign says the Leadership Park City class "promotes the idea that civility permeates every aspect of our lives, from the classroom to the boardroom and from Main Street to our mountain slopes."

Davis hopes the Civility Awards are handed out annually, which would require another group to organize the program after this year’s honors.

City Hall recently adopted a resolution in support of the ‘Season of Civility’ in Park City. Some of the tenets of civility, as described in the resolution, are being courteous, showing respect and being cordial.

For more information about the Civility Awards, contact Davis at 773-418-4922 or Matt Lindon, 659-1326.

Nomination forms for the Civility Awards are available on the website, Once at the front page, select the ‘Nominate someone for the Civility Awards’ link at the top of the page.