Beer, business license renewals were due |

Beer, business license renewals were due

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Wednesday more than 75 percent of businesses selling beer in unincorporated Summit County had renewed licenses before the deadline at 5 p.m., officials said.

"If they don’t then we have a code enforcement officer and usually we’ll have a deputy go over and talk to them," said Ryan Cowley, deputy Summit County clerk. "It’s illegal for them to sell alcohol until that’s renewed."

Sixty-three businesses were licensed to sell beer in Summit County in 2008, he said.

The list includes restaurants, stores, bars and private clubs.

"They’re decent about it and we’ve worked with a few stores because it takes a minute for some corporations to get a check to us," Cowley said. "But they really have to have that license to continue to sell There are a lot of convenience stores and there are a few restaurants."

About 11 types of alcohol licenses in the county range in price from $250-$600 per year, according to Cowley.

Meanwhile, the deadline to renew business licenses in Summit County was also Wednesday.

"The business license we try to work with people a little bit, but the beer license is one that is a lot more strict because it’s the sale of alcohol and there is a lot more regulation and liability with that," Cowley explained.

Licensing a business in a home costs $67.36; business licenses at commercial locations cost $175.44, regardless of the size of the establishment.

No business owners were fined last year for obtaining their licenses late, Cowley said.

"It really doesn’t make sense to nail them on it," he said. "With those we can work with them a little bit."

This year, reminders to renew licenses were sent to 1,560 businesses in unincorporated Summit County. Wednesday about 950 licenses had been renewed, Cowley said.

Contact the Summit County Clerk’s Office for information about beer and business licenses at 615-3204.

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