Bellman opens doors for struggling family |

Bellman opens doors for struggling family


Norman Sorensen of Utah County has friends who do secret acts of service as a kind of hobby. Last month they told him they knew a mother with cancer whose family was overwhelmed with the medical bills. The friends wanted to arrange a dinner and hotel stay to give them a night of escape.

That very day a stranger called Sorensen asking if he knew anyone who would benefit from one of Park City’s most exotic dinner and lodging experiences.

The stranger was Grey Walter, a bellman at the Grand Summit Lodge.

At The Canyons company party Walter won a three-course dinner at the Yonder Yurt (the smaller version of the Viking Yurt for private parties) and a night’s stay in one of the lodge’s two-bedroom penthouses. The package is valued at around $1,900.

Walter has a lot of friends who would have loved to join him for a night of partying, but he decided to find a family to give it to who would never have otherwise had a chance to experience something like this.

He called a friend with his idea, and that person was familiar with Sorensen’s friends.

"I was totally shocked," said Viking Yurt owner Joy Vik.

She couldn’t believe it when Walter emailed her about his idea.

It wasn’t as easy as passing on a gift certificate. First, Walter had to get permission from Vik and the Grand Summit to transfer the package to a family he didn’t even know. Next, he needed to find a date between radiation treatments that the mother would feel well enough to enjoy the experience.

"It definitely was a task," he said.

But this Sunday the family, who has no idea who Walter is, and vice versa, will enjoy a vacation arranged for them in a most serendipitous manner.

Walter won’t even be there. He’s going on a trip to Tahoe.

"It all kind of coincidentally came about on the same day," Sorensen said. "It’s very interesting that he just thought of it, and the need was there. I totally think he was inspired," Sorensen said.

The Yonder Yurt is a two-and-a-half hour dining experience in which a Snowcat pulls a sleigh from the bottom of the mountain at The Canyons to a yurt high up on the slope where a serving staff awaits the party with a three-course meal prepared at the Red Pine Lodge.

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