Bicycle Space Ship will suck you in |

Bicycle Space Ship will suck you in

by Andrew Kirk, THE PARK RECORD

After moving Edwin Cycles to Silver Summit last February, owner Doug Driessen realized a lot more people would buy bikes from him if they could get good prices for their old ones.

He opened a consignment store in the unit adjacent to his bike shop last September and dubbed it Bicycle Space Ship.

"I don’t really know why. I wanted something off the wall it’s hard to forget," he said.

All the best bike shops used to allow trade-ins, Driessen said. Buying a bicycle on consignment also makes starting the sport easier and is efficient for people who only live in Park City a few months of the year, he said.

What makes Bicycle Space Ship special is it’s both a "brick-and-mortar" store and an online store. People can shop in person or over the Internet. To be for sale, the item must be in the store, but if a shopper doesn’t want to come in, items can be mailed.

"It’s cheaper to ship a bike to Provo than to drive there," he said.

With minimal marketing, the site got 5,300 hits during the first three weeks, he said. The long-term goal is to compete with eBay.

To guarantee quality, Driessen charges sellers a fee for the inspection of their bike. It shows a seller is serious and not dropping off junk, he said. If good stuff is for sale, the site will become more popular. He discourages anything older than about five years, he said.

In addition to locals, Driessen is also working to build relationships with area retailers. Many of them struggle to store or unload products at the end of a season. Bicycle Space Ship has access to storage space and can take those goods off their hands. Or, if storage isn’t the problem, Driessen will list the new items for sale on Bicycle Space Ship and allow them another storefront.

To accommodate them year-round, Bicycle Space Ship is selling skis in winter. It already has a modest selection. He accepts all types of skis, but no soft goods unless they are brand new.

Photographs of everything for sale are on the website.

Driessen is working on a relationship with a friend to tune and grind skis in the shop. Eventually he plans to rent cross country skis from his shop since the trailhead to Round Valley is just across the street.

Bicycle Space Ship also accepts bike parts.

"I want to become like a bazaar. Not a dump, but have all kinds of stuff," he said. "It has to be current and desirable."

As the business grows, Driessen has placed no limits on his imagination. He is serious about competing with eBay; if he builds a reputation for quality, he should be able to sell nearly anything. Nor is he limited by physical space.

That’s something other businesses can’t say. A lot of retailers could open an online store to get rid of excess inventory, but the maintenance of it consumes resources. Driessen wants others to let him do it. It complements his bicycle shop and makes sense for a community like Park City, he said.

Bicycle Space Ship


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