Blind Dog reopens |

Blind Dog reopens

Black Friday starts ski season for restaurant

Penelope Kinsey, owner of Blind Dog Grill and Sushi, told The Park Record that the restaurant will reopen for the ski season Friday, Nov. 27 from 5 to 10 p.m.

The grill menu will have expanded appetizer and salad options and many more seafood items. Walk-ins are accepted but reservations are encouraged, she said. Kinsey also said she wants people to know that she will accept reservations for the Sundance Film Festival as well as the remainder of the season that lasts until the lifts stop.

The Blind Dog is also making a name for itself because of its gluten-free menu.

Increasingly, Americans are choosing to eat gluten-free products for health and dietary reasons. Kinsey said her restaurant has typically received four or five reservations a week because of its gluten-free offerings. She recently discovered that an estimated 20 percent of the students at her child’s school have the intolerance for pasta, bread and other gluten-heavy foods that includes beer.

Kinsey said her entire staff is trained to service the gluten-free menu. It’s been a good business move, but she anticipates more and more restaurants to offer similar alternatives as the population catches on to the health benefits.

— Andrew Kirk