Board of Realtors gives away cash grants |

Board of Realtors gives away cash grants

In a luncheon last Thursday, the Park City Board of Realtors presented Utah Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Fund (UARHOF) grants to Habitat for Humanity and Mountainlands Community Housing Trust.

Pictured left to right is Scott Loomis, executive director for Mountainlands Community Housing Trust; Brett Peretti, UARHOF committee chairperson; Julie Bernhard and Debbie Hoffmeyer of Habitat for Humanity

The Park City Board of Realtors has distributed $27,139 to local non-profit housing projects since the inception of UARHOF in 1999.

UARHOF, a non-profit foundation, was established to assist other non-profit organizations who deal with affordable housing needs by offering grants. UARHOF funds are accumulated from interest earned on real estate trust accounts and through contributions. The majority of the money collected is returned to the community from which it was donated, with a portion set aside in a statewide fund for special statewide projects and disaster relief.

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