Bottles of liquor sold on Sunday for first time |

Bottles of liquor sold on Sunday for first time


A recently-passed law now allows alcohol manufacturers to sell bottles of their product through restaurant stores on Sundays and holidays.

David Perkins, owner of High West Distillery, did not waste any time. He sold the first bottle at noon last Sunday to Mayor Dana Williams, who said he purchased it as a gift for First Lady Michelle Obama, who was scheduled to visit Tuesday.

In addition to High West, the Wasatch Brew Pub at the top of Main Street will also benefit from this new policy.

Perkins said the change is good for locals and tourists. It’s easy to forget to stop at a Utah State Liquor Store on Saturday to enjoy a beverage on Sunday.

Previously, if a tourist ate at his restaurant on a Sunday or a holiday and wanted to buy a bottle of his alcohol to take home, it was difficult to understand why that was not permitted, he said.

It’s one more thing his staff doesn’t need to explain about Utah’s quirky liquor laws, he added.

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"We don’t necessarily think it will promote more drinking or over-consumption. But it does provide another place for people in case they forget (to buy Saturday). It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a tourist; it’s nice to have that flexibility," he said.