Boyce to be basketball’s new head man |

Boyce to be basketball’s new head man

Adia Waldburger, of the Record staff

Last week, Park City High School made a bit of a slam dunk. After a spring-long search to find a new head boy’s basketball coach, they finally found their man in Jim Boyce.

A few connections to help him make his way up the canyon didn’t hurt. Boyce, who lives in Salt Lake City, first learned of the job thorough the Miners’ head football coach, Brandon Matich. The two coached football together at West Jordan High School and played against each other in high school. Matich knew that Boyce was hoping one day, to be a head basketball coach and called him as soon as the Park City position opened. Boyce jumped at the opportunity and eventually proved that he was the man for the job.

Boyce first began coaching at his alma mater, Olympus, as a junior varsity basketball coach and varsity football coach. Then, he coached four years of junior varsity basketball at Highland High School. After that, he began an eight-year stint at West Jordan, where he coached junior varsity football the entire time and sophomore and junior varsity basketball for four years.

"I’ve been doing football and basketball the last few years and I decided to go the basketball route," Boyce said.

Part of his decision to become the head man, came from his devotion to his family. With commitments to both basketball and football, he had little time left to spend with his wife of 10 years, Heather, and their three children, Travis, 6, Brooklyn, 4, and Morgan, who is almost 2-years-old.

The other part was a desire to fully focus on one sport and one team.

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"I knew once I became a head coach, I would focus on one sport," Boyce said.

Despite Park City’s struggles on the hardwood in the past, Boyce is eager to turn things around. He is impressed the positive changes that took place midway through last season and hopes to build upon them.

"We’ve got the talent to compete for the region title," Boyce said. "I have two needs hard work and commitment."

Boyce has already been busy contacting current and prospective players and their parents to encourage participation this coming season.

"I’m trying to pursue contact," Boyce said. "The parents have been very helpful."

Boyce and Matich are also planning on making any and all schedules compatible, so players are not torn between the two sports.

"Brandon and I are wholeheartedly committed to having the kids play football and basketball and any other sport they want to play," Boyce said.

The next few weeks, Boyce will make his way up to Park City to run camps and begin to build relationships with young hoopsters in the area. The camps will focus on fundamentals, with emphasis on pivoting, cutting, spacing, defense and most importantly, teamwork. Boyce says that his No. 1 priority is unifying the team and the parents.

"They might not agree with everything I do, but it’s most important that I have the commitment of the players and the parents," Boyce said.

The new coach will also teach financial literacy at the high school starting in the fall.

Boyce is committed to strengthening the development programs already in place in town. He wants to ensure that Park City has a strong youth basketball programs that feed into the high school, so that Park City High will no longer lose its top athletes to Salt Lake prep programs.

"If we can get these kids playing together early on&they should stay," Boyce said

Boyce personally invites any and all interested boys to come out for his camps next week. Right now, he says he is looking to make the program strong, from the ground up.

"I’m in with two feet," Boyce said. "Totally committed."

The 2007 Park City High School Basketball Summer Camp will be held June 18-22 and June 25-27 at the Park City High School gym. For more information, e-mail Boyce at or call (801) 647-0435.