Boyer building denied |

Boyer building denied

Sarah MoffittThe Park Record

The Boyer Company hit another roadblock on Tuesday in beginning construction on the Summit Research Park when the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission voted to pass a negative recommendation of the first building’s design.

The building, which is intended to serve as the landmark building of the park and house a Park City Visitors Center, was previously criticized by the commission for it’s lack of ingenuity and failing to serve as a ‘gateway to Park City.’

The process has been called contentious by both sides and it is now up to community development director Don Sargent to decide if the building’s design is in compliance with the design guidelines and planning code.

"They did not present us with a new plan on Tuesday or really take into account our previous recommendations," said Hooker. "They just changed the material used for the siding of the building and redesigned the entry to the Park City Chamber’s space." Hooker added that Boyer is on track with making acceptable changes, but denied the recommendation due to lack of substantial change.

"We made good, constructive changes that we hoped the commission would be excited about," said Boyer Project Manager David Allen. "We are in compliance with the design guidelines and aren’t sure how we can change it to satisfy them."

According to Allen, since Boyer’s last presentation to the commission, they have replaced the building’s stucco siding with stone, taken out sections of glass siding and reworked the entryway to the visitor center so it stands out more.

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"Parking is still an issue," said Hooker. "Access is an issue, the height is currently 41 feet and it can’t be any higher than 35 feet, so that is reason alone to deny it."

Commissioner Bruce Taylor, an architect, told Boyer that if they adjusted the building to sit at a 45-degree angle on the site and moved the parking in front it would open up the view corridor, an important issue for the commission.

Allen called Taylor’s suggestions the only concrete advice they had been given so far.

"Putting the parking in front doesn’t work for us and the Snyderville Basin General Plan highly discourages it," said Allen.

Hooker acknowledged miscommunication on both sides due to Sibyl Bogardus’s resignation from the planning commission, leaving the Boyer’s design review committee without a planning representative.

"We went into the meeting knowing it was a 50/50 chance of a positive or negative recommendation, but we were surprised by the level of negativity from the council," said Allen.

As an extension of good will, Hooker is hoping Boyer’s staff will come back to the table with new plans so the planning commission and the developer can reach an agreement.

"Both sides want this project to be fabulous," added Hooker.

Allen is hoping Boyer can work with Sargent and that he will overturn the negative recommendation since he believes the building complies with the county’s development codes.

"We are going to work with the county staff and continue to get the building ready for construction," said Allen.

County planner Kimber Gabryszak said that her department will carefully look over the design plans either deny the building or approve it with modifications.