Briefs March 1-4, 2008 |

Briefs March 1-4, 2008


Heidens to open orthopaedic clinic in Park City

Dr. Eric Heiden, five-time Olympic gold medalist and speed-skating legend, has relocated with his wife, Dr. Karen Heiden, and two children to Park City, where they plan to open Heiden Orthopaedics in the spring.

After two highly successful careers in elite sports, the first as a world-record-setting Olympic speed skater and the second as national champion and Tour De France cyclist, Dr. Heiden went on to study orthopaedic surgery, earning his medical degree at Stanford University, where he met his wife, Karen.

The two Heidens went on to establish highly-respected orthopaedic and hand-surgery practices in Sacramento, Calif., with Eric Heiden co-founding the renowned UC Davis Sports Performance program and training center. A few years ago, the Heidens moved to Utah to join TOSH Utah’s respected Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital in Salt Lake City. Now, both doctors will move their practices to the mountains of Park City, establishing Heiden Orthopaedics, which is scheduled to open in April in the Saddleview Office Park.

Heiden Orthopaedics will provide orthopaedic care for hand, knee, shoulder, upper extremity and sports injuries. The office is expected to draw patients from throughout the Intermountain West. For more information, contact Craig Wing, (435) 659-0272, or visit .

Park City Fire District adopts a new emergency medical device

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The paramedics of the Park City Fire District will be responding to respiratory emergencies with a new tool beginning next week. The Park City Fire District recently received approval from the State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to carry a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device in order to provide better care to patients in respiratory distress.

Previous to CPAP being available to field providers, patients with severe pulmonary edema had to be medicinally paralyzed and then intubated. Paramedics would give medicine that would paralyze the patient so they could place a tube down their throat and into their airway. Having a CPAP device to treat this type of emergency will be less invasive and often prevent the need for intubation and the problems that may follow such invasive treatment. Patients often experience immediate relief with CPAP and do better in the long run as well.

Sleep Apnea Awareness Fair offers free screenings

If family members say you snore, if you wake up during the night choking or gasping for air,

if you feel like you haven’t slept at all when you wake up in the morning, if you can’t seem to stay awake during the day

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, Intermountain Homecare invites you to attend the Sleep Apnea Awareness Fair, where sleep professionals will offer free screenings for sleep apnea.

Intermountain Homecare professionals will have attendees’ current CPAP / BiPAP mask fitted properly.

The Sleep Apnea Awareness Fair is on Saturday, March 8, from 9 a.m. to noon at Intermountain Homecare, located at 289 W. 1230 North in Provo.