Advocates of fitness in Park City |

Advocates of fitness in Park City

Alexandria Gonzalez, The Park Record

In a society filled with new fitness trends, Kevin Rail hopes to bring back an old-fashioned approach he believes is healthier and more appropriate for the Park City community.

His organization, The Lean Berets, is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., but he believes that Park City is a healthy community that is ready to go back to the kind of fitness training that their inspiration, Jack LaLanne, made popular in the 1950s.

"Back then, if you went to a high school gym, you would see ropes, pipes, ladders, off-the-ground training," said Rail. "People were in great shape; they were lean and had great posture."

Rail believes that fitness has lost touch with that kind of workout and has headed towards high-intensity and complex workouts which, he said, maybe about one percent of the country can actually do efficiently, without hurting themselves.

After living in northeast Pennsylvania for several years, Rail found that the atmosphere was not conducive to his passion and his line of work. He said that a city like Park City is much more in tune with healthy living.

"I needed an environment that helped my lifestyle more," Rail said. "I needed to be surrounded by what I practice and preach every day."

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He lived in Park City from 2006 to 2008, moved back to Pennsylvania, and finally moved back to Park City permanently in 2011.

When Rail met Lean Berets co-founder Ron Jones at a fitness conference eight years ago, they bonded over their disdain of the "pollution" in the fitness industry that they believed had become more about marketing and selling DVDs than about teaching people how to exercise safely and properly.

"We had all this fired up energy and wanted to create an alternative to all of the fluff, the lies and the cheating that goes into the fitness industry," Rail said. "So we created the Lean Berets for all those who have ever felt betrayed by other organizations."

The Lean Berets is all about simplicity, Rail said. The objective is to make workouts and recipes in an easily understandable language and format that even a second-grader could follow.

He plans to release an e-book called "Act of Nutrition" in October filled with 26 original dishes with organic ingredients, and he and Jones plan to make downloadable exercise videos called "Organic Flow."

The Lean Berets can be found on Facebook, Twitter and their official website at Rail works for the Silver Mountain Sports Club teaching classes like "Primal Move," where he promotes balance and flexibility.

"It’s not about following [The Lean Berets] but more about an attitude and a way of life," Rail said. "Send us an email or keep your finger on our pulse and watch what happens."

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