All About Socks and More has gained a strong footing in Redstone |

All About Socks and More has gained a strong footing in Redstone

Selling socks was never part of Candy Baron’s plans.

But when the Logan-based All About Socks and More was opening a store in Redstone next door to where she was working, her career took an unexpected turn. The store needed a manager and, as it turned out, Baron was a perfect candidate.

Now, more than a year later, Baron knows more than she ever thought she would about socks.

"They were looking for a manager, and it was like, ‘Ok, here I am,’" Baron said. "At first when they were opening, everyone thought, ‘A sock store? Really?’ But then I became involved and found out how important a sock store can be."

Baron said her store, at 1675 Redstone Center Drive, is one of 10 All About Socks and More locations. At first, she struggled to get the word out about the store and relied heavily on foot traffic from customers going to other shops in the area, such as Paisley Pomegranate (which has since moved) and J.W. Allen and Sons Toys and Candy.

That began to change slowly. Now, she said, her store has become a destination for many shoppers.

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"It took a while to get going," she said. "Just the idea of it didn’t catch on right away. But we have very loyal customers now. We have people coming back all the time, and they want more."

Baron said one of the things that has most surprised her is the passion some people have for socks and the loyalty they develop to certain brands. She has had customers tell her they are throwing away all of their socks and replacing them with ones from her store. One woman bought 36 pairs of Halloween socks to give as gifts. Others have made arrangements to have socks shipped to them long-distance.

"I’ve had tourists come in and buy a few pairs of those socks," she said. "Then they’ll call me, asking if I can send them 10 more packs. It’s like, ‘OK, I guess you like the socks.’ It’s amazing how people become attached to socks. There are people who are just very particular."

Baron, who is from Vermont but moved to Park City 13 years ago, previously worked in non-profit administration and art curation. But after a year selling socks, she has found retail to her liking.

"It’s a fun store to work at," she said. "People don’t get upset at things. They just think it’s a fun store to come check out and buy socks. It was totally new to me. It’s different when somebody just wants a pair of socks. You’re not trying to get them to give you a grant. It’s nice and a whole lot less pressure, so it’s been a good transition."

All About Socks and More sells a variety of products. Baron said the offerings include performance socks for biking and running, environmentally friendly socks made from bamboo, and medical socks for people with diabetes or those who need compression socks.

The medical socks are particularly in-demand, as doctors have begun to refer their patients to her store, Baron said.

"Those are big lines for us," she said. "Everybody seems to need them these days, and I had no idea before I started here."

But the store also stocks other items — that’s where the "More" in the title comes in. While socks are certainly the main draw, Baron said products such as bike racing uniforms and loungewear are also available.

"It’s a whole assortment of things," she said.

Customers appreciate the fact All About Socks and More is locally based, Baron said. Its parent company, Lin Manufacturing and Design, is headquartered in Logan and touts itself as one of the largest sock manufacturers in the world.

"People really like that we’re a local company," she said. "For locals, I think that’s crucial. It all comes down to wanting to buy from and help local companies."

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