At long last, Park City Lodging, Inc. breaks ground on a new office |

At long last, Park City Lodging, Inc. breaks ground on a new office

One of the highlights of Rhonda Sideris’s professional life was a long time in the making.

After years of work, Park City Lodging, Inc. — of which Sideris is the founder and president — recently broke ground on a new office building. But there was just one problem: Sideris was in Mexico when the shovels first plunged into the dirt.

Nonetheless, knowing the project is underway to turn a sea of asphalt at 1897 Prospector Avenue into the company’s new office space is a thrill for Sideris.

"I’m very excited because this is something I’ve worked on for so long," said Sideris, who founded Park City Lodging, Inc. in 1984. "It’s kind of like the next chapter in my life."

Sideris bought the property in 2007 and began trying to get the office built in 2008. However, the project was sidelined by one problem after another until she finally received final approval to begin work.

"It has been a real struggle," she said. "We’ve had some really cool ideas, and I think what we’re ultimately doing is a nice compromise."

Sideris said one benefit of the wait is it gave her plenty of time to gather ideas to incorporate into the building. She would frequently visit eco-friendly Salt Lake City buildings and draw inspiration from them.

The result is a 9,800 square-foot, three-story building designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint. The building will use natural light to reduce lighting and heating needs, the laundry facility is designed to use less water and solar paneling on the roof will lower power consumption.

Additionally, the roof will house a co-op vegetable garden.

"I thought this would be a great way to get more of my staff to buy into healthy eating," Sideris said.

The reason for emphasizing eco-friendly principles in the building’s design is simple: Sideris finally has the chance, something that’s not always possible at the rental properties the company manages.

"If I was a hotel or in the resort business, I could have control over everything I did," Sideris said. "But because I manage individual properties, with homeowner’s associations, I can only do what they allow me to do. So this gives me an opportunity to make a difference in a way I’ve wanted to."

The building will also have four apartment units for employees. That wasn’t initially part of the plan but Sideris said the need for housing for her employees has grown over the years.

"We do what we can for them, and we have a few places they can live, but this will be better," she said. "It’s not to bring in new employees, it’s to work with the employees we already have."

As excited as Sideris is about the groundbreaking, she couldn’t get through the process without one final setback, meaning the building won’t be finished quite as early as she would like. Crews were supposed to break ground on the property in March but the delay means the company will have to wait nearly a year to utilize the new space.

"We just barely broke ground, so that makes it kind of lackluster," Sideris said. "I can’t move in until March or April next year."

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