Big-D Construction opens office in Park City |

Big-D Construction opens office in Park City

Mike Kerby is the vice president of the office Big-D Construction recently opened in Park City. Kerby, a Park City resident, says the company is committed to becoming part of the community. (Bubba Brown/Park Record)

Park City resident Mike Kerby had a list of conditions when Big-D Construction, one of the most well-known general contracting companies in Utah, told him they were thinking of opening an office in Park City and that they’d like him to run it.

The Park City market, which in recent years has gone through a construction boom, is obviously lucrative for a company like Big-D Construction. But Kerby wanted to ensure the company planned to commit to Park City and let residents know it wanted to become part of the community.

"They could have made the decision, being only 30 minutes away, that, ‘Hey, why don’t we run this out of Salt Lake?’" Kerby said. "Park City is a very special community, and what I conveyed to them was that in order for this to work, you need to be part of the community. Big-D gives back tremendously in the Salt Lake area, and doing that here, too, is part of the deal. And it didn’t take a lot to convince them of that. They were 100 percent on-board."

Kerby is now the vice president of the Big-D Park City office, located at 1389 Center Drive in Kimball Junction. The office opened in the summer and is focused on building high-end homes in the area, as well as resort commercial developments. He said Big-D, which has offices throughout Utah, views expansion into Park City has a crucial opportunity.

"It was a combination of things," he said. "I think the executive leadership at Big-D realize that they have a tremendous opportunity in their backyard, and that’s Park City, from a construction and development side. They have offices throughout the West and Salt Lake City, and they realize that 30 minutes up the canyon is a great community."

Big-D completed several projects in town before opening an office in Park City — and it’s one of the most well-known construction brands in Utah — so Kerby expects the company to quickly find its footing in the area. What might take more time, though, is ensuring residents know the company is in it for the long haul.

"Park City, like any area, is going to go through ups and downs," Kerby said. "But we’re not going to pack up our bags when the next downturn hits. We’re going to stay here through it all. I think that’s going to make the difference, sending the message that we’re not just up here to fill our pockets full of money and go home. It’s about building, doing well and giving back to the community."

Kerby said that Big-D is not trying to muscle out the other construction companies that call Park City home. He believes there will be plenty of business to go around. He added that the quality of the competitors and the fact that Park City is a small community, where word spreads fast, means Big-D has to do quality work if it hopes to last.

"This community has zero room for error," he said. "If you don’t stand by your work and perform, you might as well pack up your bags and go home."

As a Park City resident, Kerby is well aware of the trends that may impact the company in the coming years — namely, the growth that is expected to flow into Summit County. He said growth is a good thing for a construction company, but it comes with responsibility.

"We’re definitely excited about that, but I think, being a part of this community, we’ve got to be very careful about the growth," he said. "Hopefully we’ll be the contractor that’s helping developers build affordable housing or helping the city with that. Hopefully we’ll be the contractor working on LEED-type buildings."

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