Business leaders react to PCMR marketing changes |

Business leaders react to PCMR marketing changes

According to Vail Resorts, when it comes to the Park City ski scene, there is now only one.

In a ceremony Wednesday, Vail Resorts, which owns Park City Mountain Resort and operates Canyons Resort, officially announced how the resorts would be merged into one. The Canyons side of the new mega-resort — billed as the largest in the U.S. — will operate under the moniker Canyons Village at Park City. The entire resort will be called Park City Mountain Resort — but will be marketed as simply Park City.

The tagline of the combined resort is "There is only one." A new logo merges the typeface and infinity symbol from the Canyons Resort logo with the traditional red and black associated with Park City Mountain Resort.

In the wake of the changes, several business leaders in town seemed pleased.

"I liked the logo and the look," said Rob Slettom, president of Identity Properties, who attended Wednesday’s ceremony. "And they are also going to use the name Park City Mountain Resort, so it’s not a lot different. I think many people when they come to Park City for skiing already say, ‘I’m going to ski Park City.’ That’s something that’s always been done, so I think the change makes sense to me."

Coleen Reardon, director of marketing for Deer Valley Resort, offered the perspective of the resort that is now Vail Resorts’ lone competitor in town. She doesn’t think much will change as a result of Wednesday’s announcements.

When asked if it will be tough for Deer Valley to market against Vail Resorts billing itself as "Park City," Reardon said Deer Valley has always had to make sure people know the resort is actually in Park City.

"It’s a perception we sort of fight, though it’s gotten much better over the years," she said. "We did too good of a job branding our own resort, so people thought we were away from Park City."

Reardon added that Vail Resort’s marketing efforts will continue to increase national and global awareness of Park City, which, in turn, is good for Deer Valley.

And as far as the "There is only one" tagline, she doesn’t see it as Vail Resorts trying to encroach on Deer Valley’s turf.

"I thought it was a really smart marketing move," she said. "It speaks to the resort on two fronts: There’s only one biggest (resort) in the U.S., and also they are combining two resorts, so now there is only one. It made great sense to me. I’m not just saying this, but I think they did a really nice job."

The Park City Chamber/Bureau was also impressed with Wednesday’s ceremony. Linda Jager, director of communications for the Chamber/Bureau, said Vail Resorts’ marketing strategy will elevate the town’s brand.

"I think the brand, coupled with the marketing efforts the Chamber is involved in with our two ski resorts and our members, is going to further enhance the promotion of Park City as a year-round destination," she said.

She added that the Chamber/Bureau is nearly ready to unveil its new marketing campaign that reflects Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort being merged into one. Working with Vail Resorts and Deer Valley to craft the right message has made the process easier.

"This is about the time that we start to do our ads for the winter season," Jager said. "So it’s kind of an opportune time for us to make those adjustments."