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Cell phone retailer dials up Park City

Mandy Hoover had long wanted the opportunity to manage her own store.

Now, she’s getting the chance. After spending seven years at the Verizon Diamond Wireless store in Redstone, Hoover is managing the store’s new location at 1700 Park Ave.

Hoover said she expects the new location to be a hit, just like the Redstone store, at 1748 Redstone Center Drive. It’s just a matter of getting the word out, she said.

"After two years of business over at the other location, our customers started falling in love with us," she said. "We got a huge clientele base. But I left from where everybody knew where I was. I think a lot of people don’t know that we’re here, but I think it’s a great location."

While people have long had access to Verizon services in the area, Hoover said having a location in Park City proper will be convenient for customers.

"It’s great for the local people in this area and even the tourists that come into town," she said. "You’d be surprised by the amount of people who forget their chargers at home, or all of a sudden they’ve cracked their phone or lost it on the mountain. So it’s nice for them to be able to either walk or just take a cab here instead of driving clear out to Redstone. For people up in this area, that’s like out in the middle of nowhere."

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One of the other benefits the store offers, Hoover said, is good signal reception.

"A lot of people don’t get great service with the carrier they’re with when they move from out of town," Hoover said. "That’s the biggest reason people switch."

Diamond Wireless is one of six Verizon-authorized retailers in the country. But a common misconception about the store is it doesn’t offer the same products and services as a full-fledged Verizon chain store, Hoover said. However, that is not the case.

"We can do exactly the same things as the Verizon corporate stores," she said. "I know there are rumors that indirect agents can’t do the same stuff, but we can."

Having worked in the cell phone industry for eight years, Hoover said it’s been fun to have a front-row seat for the technological developments that have shifted the industry, and in many ways, American culture. She’s looking forward to what’s next.

"I started selling flip phones and BlackBerry was our smartphone," she said. "So to watch all that’s happened with phones is very exciting."