Clockwork Café broadens its reach |

Clockwork Café broadens its reach

Erin Carmichael, Park Record Intern

Ben Farquharson embodies the saying "do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life."

Creator and owner of Park City’s Clockwork Café, Farquharson says, "I’ve been doing this for 12 years and I don’t feel like I work like other people do. I have a lot of fun and interact with a lot of people."

Clockwork Café is a well-known restaurant that specializes in breakfasts and lunches and is located in the Silver Creek area of Park City. After 10 years in Silver Creek, Clockwork Café opened a second location at the Tanger Outlets with a grand opening on Thursday, May 15.

"This is by far the biggest-exposure store we’ll have," Farquharson says, "The Tanger Outlets are a national brand that should bring a lot of publicity to Clockwork Café."

The Tanger Outlets location attracts a lot of mother and children customers that are looking for a quick grab-and-go meal and Farquharson says he wants to satisfy their cravings in a healthy way.

using unprocessed foods that are prepared in-house as well as using mostly local and organic ingredients in his menu items, Farquharson has created a restaurant that has the charm of a café and convenience of fast food without the guilty conscience. His goal is to open his customer’s eyes to quality product and good food while maintaining the demand for easy accessibility for on-the-go situations.

Farquharson credits his success in food service to the Park City community, "we live in a really awesome community that has a lot of love for local merchants who put out a good product."

Not only does Farquharson place an emphasis on the importance of clean, natural eating in his restaurants, he also emphasizes the importance of customer interaction and satisfaction.

Farquharson encourages customers to substitute items from the menu in their orders to suit their tastes. In fact, he appreciates when customers voice their concerns about things they aren’t happy with because he wants to give the customers exactly what they want.

"When customers come in, I want to make sure they get something they enjoy. If not, we’ll find a way to tweak it," Farquharson says.

He is also open to menu suggestions from clients—either to improve the menu, or for new concepts to try.

At the moment, Farquharson is happy with the positive feedback he has received about his restaurants and is hopeful the new location for Clockwork Café will open more opportunities in the future.

Farquharson says he would like to expand with measured growth that allows for more locations without compromising the heart of the business. He says he would like to keep growing but that no matter what, "I don’t want to have any loss of customer satisfaction."

Clockwork Café’s new location is on the second level of the Tanger Outlet shopping area on Landmark Drive. The Silver Creek location is on North Business Park Loop. Operating hours for the Tanger location are Monday through Saturday from 9am until 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

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