Clothing store brings vintage edge to Main Street |

Clothing store brings vintage edge to Main Street

Bubba Brown/Park Record, The Park Record

Since coming to Park City to help open Robin’s Jean, a new clothing store on Main Street, Bailey Matheson has been surprised at the variety of people who come into shop.

"Park City is a melting pot," he said.

It’s that quality that Matheson said makes Park City the perfect spot for Robin’s Jean’s fifth location. A California-based company, it has stores in Southern California, New York City and New Jersey. A sixth location is set to open soon in Orlando, Fla.

"The great thing about our brand is we have simple stuff and complex stuff," Matheson said. "We try to cover the whole spectrum. Almost anybody who comes through the door, I know I have something for them. It’s really a one-stop shop. It’s good to have a variety of styles. You’ll have a lot of people in here from New York or Miami Beach."

Founded about 10 years ago by French designer Robin Chretien, Robin’s Jean offers a blend of old-school motorcycle- and rock ‘n’ roll-infused clothes inspired partly by the 1969 film Easy Rider starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, Matheson said. Leather jackets with a worn-in look are some of the store’s most popular items, and many of its jeans — which come in a variety of styles and colors — can be washed in various ways to achieve a vintage style.

But the clothes aren’t the only aspect of Robin’s Jean that gives it a distinct feel. The décor includes a classic motorcycle near the front window and vintage motorcycle helmets and artwork such as posters of famous rock musicians are placed throughout the store.

"(Chretien) has always been inspired by the whole motorcycle movement," Matheson said. "He also loves Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones — all of that. It’s a good combination of motorcycle and rock ‘n’ roll."

Since Chretien is French, the clothing also has a bit of European flare to it. Mixing European style with the heavy American influence gives Robin’s Jean a unique twist.

"There’s a European quality along with the American quality," Matheson said. "It’s a best of both worlds kind of thing."

Matheson said Chretien first fell in love with Park City on ski trips with his son. He quickly discovered that the town has a unique flare and thought it would be a perfect location for Robin’s Jean.

"He’s a skier and he likes to be able to come here," Matheson said. "It’s a beautiful town. I totally see why he fell in love with it."

Each of Robin’s Jean’s locations stocks a different inventory tailored to its area, Matheson said. The store in Laguna Beach, Calif., for instance — where Matheson worked prior to coming to Park City — carries shorts and clothing appropriate for warm, beach weather. The Park City store offers items such as flannel shirts and down vests and jackets.

"We do our inventory based on demography," he said.

In addition to the five stores, Robin’s Jean’s line of clothing is sold in boutiques around the world. But Matheson said there is value in having access to one of the flagship locations, which sell the newest and best the brand has to offer.

"Our flagship stores are great because you get to try everything," he said. "You get to see and feel the fabrics that you can’t see in the other boutiques because we carry the newest stuff. Almost everything in the store is from our brand new collection. You can discover something you never knew about our brand."

Robin’s Jean will be holding a grand opening event during the Sundance Film Festival to capitalize on the increased activity on Main Street. Though details haven’t been finalized, Matheson said Chretien will be attending.

"We’re hoping that’s going to bring us good traffic," he said. "He’s really personable, and he’ll be in here explaining the brand to the customers."

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