County wants residents to find the entrepreneurial spirit |

County wants residents to find the entrepreneurial spirit

It doesn’t have to be the next Facebook or turn into a multi million-dollar company.

But Jeff Jones, economic development director for Summit County, claims those with an entrepreneurial spirit should dive in and start their own businesses. That’s why the county is piloting an Ice House Entrepreneurship Program this summer. The program, created by the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation, is designed to teach participants about business and foster entrepreneurial mindsets in them.

"Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business," Jones said. "It’s also about how to manage aspects of your life. going through the Ice House process, I think people are going to have a better understanding of what they would need to do if they wish to start a business, or if they currently have a business, it may give them tools to help them pivot the business in a new direction."

Jones said the program will delve into several topics, including: recognizing opportunities, turning ideas into action, the pursuit of knowledge, creating wealth, building a brand and the power of persistence. Local entrepreneurs and business leaders will be invited to share their stories with participants, as well.

The program, which will meet weekly from May 14 through August, will be held at the Summit County Courthouse in Coalville. Jones said the location was chosen because Summit County is focusing on developing economic diversity on the East Side of the county.

"We felt like there are a number of folks out here with entrepreneurial ideas, and maybe they need some help with how to better formalize their business plan and approach," Jones said.

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There are 10 spots available for the program. To apply, visit the economic development section of the Summit County website,