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‘Couponing mama’ offers grocery shopping delivery

Alexandria Gonzalez, The Park Record
Stacey Conklin started Stacey s Grocery Services last October to help provide clients savings through $300,000 worth of coupons. Photo by Alexandria Gonzalez/Park Record.

Stacey Conklin was first bitten by the "couponing bug" as a child, searching for the drawing of a Native American with a star on the wrappers of Tootsie Roll pops that would grant her a free lollipop. She helped her mother cut out coupons, and once she started a family of her own six years ago, she started cutting them out for herself.

Now Conklin shares "coupon karma" with residents and visitors of Summit and Wasatch Counties with a company she started in October of last year: Stacey’s Grocery Services. Conklin and her employees shop and deliver groceries using over $300,000 worth of coupons to find clients as many savings as possible.

"I have always been a ‘couponing mama,’ and I noticed there was a need for a grocery delivery service that goes above and beyond the normal routine of just picking up groceries," she said. "I really want to put the ‘coupon karma’ into my shopping. It’s really not out of our way to cut them out and carry them around with us, so we really do like to spread the coupon love."

Stacey’s Grocery Services teams up with local produce, meat and bread suppliers like Park City Meat & Provisions and Volker’s Bakery to offer even more savings for those that require her services. She said she loves to help promote local products and companies so residents can support their fellow Utahns and visitors can experience a taste of the Beehive State.

Conklin said she encourages clients to visit the company’s Facebook page before placing an order on the website to find grocery sales and include them in their order.

Clients can even leave comments in the comment box asking for "freebies," which Conklin said she makes sure to always have about $1,000 worth in stock. Through couponing, Conklin has racked up 1-liter Crest mouthwashes, toothbrushes, razors, full-size hair products, deodorant and other travel essentials.

"We have a lot of visitors here, and they don’t always like to travel with things like shaving cream and razors and things like that," she said. "I get those things for free, so I like to pass them onto my clients."

Conklin’s company also works with children’s academies to supply meals, because she said they are only given a certain amount of money to purchase food. She enjoys helping them stretch their dollars as far as they can by using the coupons she and her employees cut out and collect in binders.

Groceries are provided in reusable grocery bags with the Stacey’s Grocery Services logo on it, because Conklin prides herself in making her company eco-friendly. Her services are also friendly to Kosher and gluten-free grocery lists.

"I make sure to find them the best deals on the foods they need. Sometimes my clients who shop Kosher also need pots and pans, and I have coupons for those, too," she said. "If they make a note of it, whether they are Kosher or gluten-free, I will go to several different stores if I have to in order to get them what they need."

As of now, most of Conklin’s clients are visitors, but she would like to increase her local clientele. Whether it’s individuals or companies, Conklin said she is available to serve all. She has a team that shops in the Heber Valley and Wasatch Back as well as one that specifically serves Park City, and she hopes to continue to expand.

"I have to say it’s like the Super Bowl of couponing here," she said. "We definitely do believe in saving our clients money one coupon at a time."

Stacey’s Grocery Services:

  • Staceysgroceryservices.com
  • http://www.Facebook.com/staceys-grocery-services
  • 801-577-5005

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