Crossfit Miners Town enters new era |

Crossfit Miners Town enters new era

For three years, Mike Lynch would peer out over his gym every day and see athletes getting stronger and getting better. It was why he had opened Crossfit Miners Town in the first place. His vision was a success.

But still, what if he could make it better? What if he could tailor training programs to fit individual needs?

The gym used to work like this: New members would go through three introduction sessions, focusing on movements they would need once they started the training program. Then they’d join the program, which used the same training regimen for each athlete, scaled to their individual abilities.

"There were people who were hitting the workout in three different ways," Lynch said. "There were people who needed a little bit more, people the workout nailed exactly and people who it was a little much for. It got us thinking that there’s got to be a better way."

Everything changed in July, when Lynch introduced a new method. New athletes now go through four one-on-one private sessions so trainers can evaluate them in areas such as mobility, kinesthetic awareness, relative strength and absolute strength. They are then placed into one of three distinct training programs, based on their ability.

"Once we’ve collected all of those data points, we go ahead and make sure the individual is placed in a proper program that is in line with their priorities," Lynch said. " going through those four sessions, we’re able to take a good look at people’s ability to withstand the programs."

Now, each member at Crossfit Miners Town is getting the perfect workout.

"Our program designs are based off of what our athletes need," Lynch said. "There’s no guessing — there’s exact science behind it. Every member needs to feel an element of personal program design. So we took this methodology and ran with it."

The results were immediate and stark, Lynch said. Athletes are now clearly making better progress in all the right areas. And not only that — the programs are safer because athletes are training with the correct program.

"We’ve had tremendous success," Lynch said. "We’ve had very few injuries, and we’ve been open for three years, but the injury rate is non-existent right now. That’s because we know where people need to be, and we are asking them to do exactly what they can do. There’s no guessing going on."

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