CrossFit Miners Town gets new owners |

CrossFit Miners Town gets new owners

Deacon Andrews is excited to switch gears from training professional athletes to working with everyday Parkites. The gym switched owners officially on Nov. 1.
Carolyn Webber/Park Record |

Deacon Andrews sold his last CrossFit gyms in North Carolina and hopped in an RV with his family two and a half years ago. He planned to move to South Lake Tahoe and never open a CrossFit gym again. Neither of those plans happened.

Instead, after visiting friends in Park City, he parked his RV and established a life here. And as of Nov. 1, he is the new owner of CrossFit Miners Town.

Mike Lynch, the founder and previous owner, opened CrossFit Miners Town in 2012, but decided earlier this year that he wanted a career shift. Andrews, who began coaching personal clients at the gym and helping with classes four months ago, was the perfect candidate to take over. He is co-managing the gym with his business partner, Acy Watson, who was once a member at Andrews’ gym in North Carolina.

Andrews first met Lynch while looking for a gym where he could film videos for his online athletic training company, SISU Strong. During his hiatus of owning a CrossFit gym, Andrews started SISU Strong and worked with athletes, specializing in helping those with serious injuries. One of his first clients was an amputee struggling to get back into the professional motocross world with her prosthetic leg.

I also fell back in love with training everybody like me. Working with a lot of these athletes that had just catastrophic injuries, just reignited a passion for me…” Deacon AndrewsCrossFit Miners Town

“I had no reason to necessarily think that I could help her, but I felt like I could,” he said.

After Andrews helped her strengthen her muscles, she recovered the ability to race. The successful results led to more clients, including several paralyzed professional athletes, and Andrews wanted a facility to train his clients in person. He rented a small space in Prospector and, for a short time, one in Salt Lake City. But, CrossFit Miners Town was the ideal fit for Andrews’ passion.

He will eventually use CrossFit Miners Town to train athletes, but Andrews is also excited to return to his role as a CrossFit trainer for regular, everyday people.

“I also fell back in love with training everybody like me,” he said. “Working with a lot of these athletes that had just catastrophic injuries, just reignited a passion for me for not working with professional athletes, but with parents like myself that want to be there to play with their kids and want to enjoy Park City.”

The “ageless athletes,” as he calls them, is who he will be focusing on training in the next few months as he takes over the gym. He said he will not make any drastic changes since he and Lynch, who will continue to coach from time to time, share similar values.

“One of the reasons that it was a really easy decision was because Mike and I were really aligned as far as how we believed people should be trained,” he said. “It was a good fit for the transition.”

Andrews does, however, plan to add six- and eight-week specialty programs geared toward non-members for them to experience the gym without commitment. The programs will focus on “mountain bike prep” and “end-of-season ski rehab course,” he said. He also plans to grow the high school athlete program at the gym.

Andrews is putting SISU Strong on the backburner while most of his clients are in their off-seasons. That will allow him to devote his time to carrying the torch at the gym.

“We didn’t want to change what Mike had built,” he said. “There was an amazing foundation and an amazing opportunity just to come in and keep running with it and put our signature on it and make a few tweaks here and there.”

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